The Christian tradition is rich with thousands of years of deep philosophical and theological thought. One could spend a lifetime studying the breadth of knowledge God has given us about Himself, the Christian Faith, and how to effectively live the Christian life. To paraphrase C. S. Lewis, if Christianity is true, there is nothing more important about which we can think. Whether you are trying to answer your own questions or of those nearest you; need equipping to be a better teacher, missionary, or pastor; or pursuing an academic career, SES has something to offer you.

For over two decades now, SES has maintained its dual commitment to evangelism and apologetics. Hundreds of SES graduates are already proclaiming and defending the Christian faith from the pulpit, on campus, on the mission field, and in corporate life and the business world.

Please prayerfully consider joining the SES family and becoming part of an ever growing number of graduates who will join the ever increasing throng of believers who are enlisting as the green berets, rangers, and paratroopers in the Lord’s army and who will be used by Him to win tremendous victories for Christ and His Kingdom. We offer undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees with a variety of majors and concentrations.

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