Master of Arts in Biblical Studies

With all of the competing and contrary interpretations of Biblical texts, where does one begin to sort things out?

How can we get to the roots of Scripture to know what we are teaching is trustworthy and true? One way is to go back to the original languages with the skills to produce your own translation that can then be weighed and compared with the work of other scholars. The Master of Arts in Biblical Studies program at SES is one option for cultivating a strong foundation for further research, writing, and teaching.

In this 63-hour degree program, students dive deeply into the grammar, syntax, and interpretation methodologies for Greek and Hebrew. Additional courses in Aramaic, Syriac, and Latin may further round out your Biblical languages expertise. As with all SES programs, a special emphasis on apologetics is also woven into the M.A. in Biblical Studies. It is not enough to simply be able to understand Scripture for yourself — we will give you the skills to proclaim and defend the truth of the Gospel in one-on-one conversations, public debate, and the many other opportunities you will have in your personal or pastoral ministry.

In addition to our robust apologetics training, many of our M.A. in Biblical Studies students choose SES because of our commitment to teaching from a foundation of classical theism. We believe that the immutable tenets of this philosophical and theological framework are essential for a coherent study of the Bible and effective defense of the truth of Scripture. There are very few, if any other, seminaries that specifically integrate theology, philosophy, and apologetics throughout their training. Because of this, SES takes a very strong stance on biblical inerrancy. This article by long-time SES professor Dr. Doug Potter provides a good summary: Reasoning Rightly About Biblical Inerrancy: Five Truths You Need to Know

Students in the M.A. in Biblical Studies Program Will:

  • Study grammar and syntax extensively as you cultivate advanced skills for reading Biblical Greek and Hebrew
  • Apply your skills as you exegete Biblical books in their original language
  • Focus on foundational hermeneutics and other research skills for Biblical interpretation 
  • Be equipped to communicate the Gospel across socioeconomic and other cultural divides
  • Gain skills for applying apologetics in a variety of situations and missional work
  • Grow your general knowledge of historical theology, systematic theology, the Old and New Testaments, and the synthetic development of the entire Bible

Courses of Interest

Biblical Hebrew Syntax & Exegesis

With this course, you will take a close look at the structure and nuance of the original Hebrew in selected texts to apply your language skills in a hands-on study.


Review, deepen, and extend your skills for research and translation work through this class built to equip you for writing and teaching in an academic and/or ministry context.

Introduction to Christian Apologetics

This foundational course will cover the historical development of Christian apologetics, introduce you to contemporary issues, and prepare you to engage our culture.

Preparation for Teaching, Ministry, and More

As you can see, the M.A. in Biblical Studies program gives graduates core language and interpretation skills that may be directly applied in a number of academic, professional, and ministry settings. This program often lays a robust foundation for further study and scholarship for students who wish to become professors at a university or Bible college. Your experience in this program will help you discern your areas of giftedness and interest, which will be invaluable for getting the most out of a Ph.D. program in the future. 

SES also offers a Master of Divinity in Biblical Studies, which may also be of interest to you. Both programs include the same extensive training and focus on Biblical languages and Biblical studies. The M.Div. in Biblical Studies program requires an additional 27 credit hours (for a total of 90 hours) beyond the M.A. in Biblical Studies degree. The majority of those additional courses are designed specifically for equipping individuals for pastoral care and fall into the areas of Christian education, pastoral theology, and missions and evangelism.

Either degree offers you invaluable skills and training for ministry and serious Biblical scholarship and can be completed via our immersive digital campus. Our admissions counselors and faculty members are happy to answer your questions and help you decide which program might be better suited for your calling, interests, and goals.

Take a Deeper Look at This Degree

If the M.A. in Biblical Studies could be a good fit for your seminary training, take a copy of our program preview with you today. With it, you will find:

  • More insights about core skills you will gain with this degree
  • Details about the M.A. in Biblical Studies objectives, course list, and degree requirements
  • Information about our flexible course delivery options
  • Next steps to continue exploring this degree

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Admissions & Tuition

At SES, admission involves a simple, four-step application process that starts with an online application. Our admissions staff is available to discuss your priorities and any questions you might have today. Please contact us so we can serve you while you consider seminary training and the M.A. in Biblical Studies program. 

One of the things prospective students like you are often glad to discover is just how affordable the distinctive training at SES is compared to other seminaries. Get current information about our tuition rates and financial aid opportunities.

Why Southern Evangelical Seminary?

The dual-focus on apologetics and classical theism truly set SES in a class of its own for seminary training. As you consider this degree and other options for pursuing teaching and ministry, we invite you to read our thoughtful e-book written for prospective students right where you are now. It will give you a better sense of the breadth and depth of everything we offer. Download your copy now: 3 Reasons for Seminary.

SM501 Writing & Research Skills (3)

AP501 Introduction to Christian Apologetics (3)
AP Elective (3)

GK501 Greek Grammar 1 (3)
GK502 Greek Grammar 2 (3)
GK503 Greek Syntax & Exegesis (3)
HB501 Biblical Hebrew 1 (3)
HB502 Biblical Hebrew 2 (3)
HB503 Biblical Hebrew Syntax & Exegesis or
GK504 Advanced Greek Exegesis (3)

OT501 Old Testament Survey 1: Genesis–Esther (3)
OT502 Old Testament Survey 2: Job–Malachi (3)
OT500 Old Testament Book (3)
NT501 New Testament Survey 1: Gospels & Acts (3)
NT502 New Testament Survey 2: Epistles & Rev. (3)
NT500 New Testament Book (3)

HT501 Historical Theology: A Survey (3)

ST501 Prolegomena & Bibliology (3)
ST502 Theology Proper & Creation (3)
ST503 Hamartiology & Soteriology (3)
ST504 Pneumatology, Ecclesiology, & Eschatology (3)
ST505 Hermeneutics (3)
ST511 Advanced Hermeneutics (3)

FE501 Field Experience 1 (0)
FE502 Field Experience 2 (0)
TOTAL HOURS: 63 hours

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