Master of Theology (Th.M.)

What does the Bible really say?

At this point in your teaching, pastoral, or personal ministry you likely have a better understanding of what the commentaries say — and how dependent you are on those that wrote them. What about the original writings in their original languages? If you aren’t equipped to go to the source and dig into the Greek and Hebrew for yourself, will you ever truly feel confident in what you are teaching and holding to be true?

Will you let us assure you of a few things right now? 

  • First, the Bible is true: God’s word is inerrant and perfectly true.
  • Second, you certainly are not alone. Most people wrestle with these questions in ministry.
  • Third, Southern Evangelical Seminary — and the Master of Theology program in particular — can give you the foundation you are looking for today.

There are many good options for seminary training that could equip you for teaching and ministry, but the Master of Theology degree program is one of the best investments you could make. It is rigorous; gets far beyond the basics in theology and linguistic studies, and offers you the broadest foundation for further study. If you are considering an academic career or teaching in some capacity at a Bible College or University, the Th.M. degree often carries more weight than other programs, including many Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) degrees.

As a Student in the SES Master of Theology Program, You Will:

  • Cultivate extensive knowledge of Biblical languages, including grammar and syntax
  • Have the opportunity to exegete different books of the Bible from the original text
  • Develop advanced skills in hermeneutics to guide your future interpretation work
  • Strengthen your approach to apologetics and applications for your ministry
  • Gain a comprehensive set of research skills for study, writing, and teaching
  • Secure a general and working knowledge of historical theology, church history, systematic theology, the synthetic development of the New and Old Testaments, Christian education and missions, and other vital areas of concern for those engaged in ministry

Highlights from the Th.M. Course List

Advanced Greek Exegesis

This capstone course puts all of your early and intermediate Greek classes to work as you dive into studying Biblical books in their original language.

Hebrew Syntax and Exegesis

Sharpen your command of Biblical Hebrew’s sentence structure, nuances of meaning, and contemporary conventions that reveal the original writers’ intent.


This class will synthesize other interpretive and research skills you have cultivated to equip you for a confident approach to understanding and teaching the Bible.

Real-World Applications for Ministry

The Th.M. is uniquely helpful for those called to teaching or a pastoral ministry role. Many of our Th.M. students are currently serving in just such a role. Others see teaching and/or Biblical research as something they aspire to in the future. In either case, you will be hard-pressed to find a better, more robust, or thorough foundation than the Master of Theology. In particular, its emphasis on instruction in the Biblical languages and hermeneutics will give you a strong skill set for interpretation and teaching. 

The groundwork this degree establishes would make your focus and studies in a future Ph.D. program even more fruitful and tailored to different ministry and career opportunities. Of course, the Th.M., like all of the programs at SES, offers you the opportunity to study and establish a confident framework of philosophy and apologetics. It can also be completed via our immersive digital campus. In addition, it will prepare you to understand our culture’s various rejections of the gospel and how to defend our faith in Christ in the face of misunderstanding, hostility, and persecution.

Take a Deeper Look at This Degree Today

If the Th.M. seems like a potential fit for your calling and interests, download a program preview. 
Inside it, you will find:

  • More information about how this degree will equip you for ministry.
  • Details about the Th.M. objectives, a course list, and degree requirements.
  • Information about the flexible course delivery with the Th.M.
  • Next steps to keep exploring or apply for this degree.

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Admission & Tuition

If you decide to apply for this program, there is a simple, four-step application process that begins with an online application. Our admissions staff know that prospective students often have many questions. We are here to help and invite you to contact us at any point along the way as you are considering seminary training and the Master of Theology program. 

SES continues to offer remarkable degrees and apologetics training at one of the most affordable rates among seminaries in the county. Learn more about current tuition rates and our financial aid opportunities today.

Why SES?

Maybe you aren’t very familiar with what makes SES such a unique and compelling choice for so many that are called to seminary training. Our commitment to understanding, teaching, and equipping each student with Christian apologetics is often what makes the difference to prospective students considering SES. There is much to share with you, however. Take a deeper look at everything we have to offer you — download our e-book, 3 Reasons for Seminary, today.

SM501 Writing & Research Skills (3)

APOLOGETICS – 18 hours
AP501 Intro to Christian Apologetics or APe (3)
AP503 Logic (3)
AP511 Christian Apologetic Systems (3)
AP512 Ethics (3)
AP518 Resurrection of Jesus (3)
APe Elective (3)

PHILOSOPHY – 6 hours
PH501 Classical Philosophy (3)
PH601 Philosophy of Religion (3)

GK501 Greek Grammar 1 (3)
GK502 Greek Grammar 2 (3)
GK503 Greek Syntax & Exegesis (3)
GK504 Advanced Greek Exegesis (3)
HB501 Biblical Hebrew 1 (3)
HB502 Biblical Hebrew 2 (3)
HB503 Hebrew Syntax & Exegesis (3)

OT501 Old Testament Survey 1: Genesis–Esther (3)
OT502 Old Testament Survey 2: Job–Malachi (3)
OT703 Old Testament Hebrew Book Study (3)
NT501 New Testament Survey 1: Gospels & Acts (3)
NT502 New Testament Survey 2: Epistles & Rev. (3)
NT703 New Testament Greek Book Study (3)

CE501 Educational Program of the Church (3)
CE502 Discipleship (3)

HT501 Historical Theology: A Survey (3)
HT502 Church History 1: Beginning – 1500 (3)
HT503 Church History 2: 1500 – Present (3)

ME507 History of Missions & World Christianity (3)
ME508 Biblical Theology & Principles of Missions (3)
ME510 Culture & Worldview (3)

PT501 Homiletics (3)
PT502 Pastoral Care (3)
PT503 Biblical Counseling (3)
PT507 Expository Preaching (3)

ST501 Prolegomena & Bibliology (3)
ST502 Theology Proper & Creation (3)
ST503 Hamartiology & Soteriology (3)
ST504 Pneumatology, Ecclesiology, & Eschatology (3)
ST505 Hermeneutics (3)
ST511 Advanced Hermeneutics (3)

TH501–3 Thesis Research or
MP501–3 Ministry Project (3)

FE501 Field Experience 1 (0)
FE502 Field Experience 2 (0)
TOTAL HOURS: 120 hours

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