Why Do You Believe

Remembering Ravi Zacharias, The Great and Gentle Knight
June 3, 2020 General
With the passing of Ravi Zacharias Southern Evangelical Seminary has lost a great friend, and the church has lost a hero of...
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Battling a Disease More Infectious & Deadly Than COVID-19
May 27, 2020 Alumni Series
As hundreds of thousands of people battle COVID-19 following thousands of deaths, lockdowns, and much fear, the world eagerly awaits a proven...
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Who Cares About Philosophy?
May 20, 2020 From the Faculty
What do these questions have in common: Does God exist? Can God change? Does God know our future? How can a good...
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SES Mourns the Loss of Friend and Leader Ravi Zacharias
May 19, 2020 General
For nearly 50 years, world-renowned apologist Ravi Zacharias commended the Christian faith and addressed life’s great existential questions of origin, meaning, morality,...
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How Can We Know Immaterial Truths from Physical Realities?
May 15, 2020 From the Faculty
It is obvious from my experience that not everyone is interested in philosophy or philosophical questions. But there should be wide interest...
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