Why Do You Believe

Why Did God Create Anything?
August 27, 2019 News
Many people today, whether they know it or not, technically qualify as adherents to a worldview known as Moralistic Therapeutic Deism (MTD)....
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A Call To An Intellectual Faith
August 22, 2019 From the Faculty
Dr. Brian Huffling Dr. Brian Huffling’s research interests include: Philosophy of Religion, Philosophical Theology, Philosophical Hermeneutics, and general issues in Apologetics and...
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The Moral Argument for God’s Existence: Some Thomistic Natural Law Musings
August 20, 2019 From the Faculty
In continuing my discussion on theistic arguments, I would be remiss if I said nothing about the moral argument—surely the most popular...
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The Holocaust and Natural Law
August 15, 2019 From the Faculty
Another state has recently passed legislation to teach about the holocaust. The Nazis killed around 20 million people during World War II as part...
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Discussing Aquinas
August 13, 2019 From the Faculty
I recently had a thoughtful young man ask me a question about God’s simplicity (the doctrine that says that God is not...
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