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Five Reasons Abortion is Murder: The Killing of an Innocent Human Being
October 28, 2020 From the Faculty
For whatever reason, I missed taking an ethics class in college. My speech class came with a list of topics we could...
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How should pro-life Christians answer objections to Amy Coney Barrett?
The remainder of the month of October's frequent and often heated debates about Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s proposed elevation to the highest...
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Divine Impassibility: God As Our Unaffected Fortress
October 22, 2020 From the Faculty
Several of my previous blogs have dealt with divine simplicity and some objections to the doctrine. As I have written, it is...
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Tackling Racism and the Bible
October 17, 2020 Real Stories
In a year of exploding racial tension, Harold is finding himself in more conversations about the very thing he studied for his...
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UPDATED: Upcoming Course: Christian Theology, Racism, and Social Justice
October 13, 2020 General
Update:  We are excited to announce that Dr. Alveda King, Kay James (President of the Heritage Foundation), and Ralph Reed (Founder of...
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