Why Do You Believe

God, Evil, and Science: My Response to Richard Carrier
November 13, 2019 From the Faculty
Dr. Brian Huffling Dr. Brian Huffling’s research interests include: Philosophy of Religion, Philosophical Theology, Philosophical Hermeneutics, and general issues in Apologetics and...
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Why I Am a Christian, Protestant, and Evangelical
November 11, 2019 News
Over time I have conversed with people holding different views on God, religion and Christianity. Regardless of my familiarity with a view,...
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Remembering Phillip E. Johnson
November 7, 2019 News
Tribute to Phillip E. Johnson By Dr. Richard D. Land A true spiritual giant and genuine hero of the Christian faith has...
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Real Stories: Talking About God with Adult Children
November 6, 2019 Real Stories
David and Debbie thought they did everything right raising their kids in a Christian home. They took them to church, had family...
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What About the Enneagram?
November 4, 2019 News
As the Enneagram spreads, there is a need for accurate information since it is not readily available and the information is conflicting....
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