Why Do You Believe?

Is God Fading Away?
April 29, 2021 General
The “omnis” of theology – omnipresence, omniscience, omnipotence, etc. – are under increasing attack, and not just from what are recognized as...
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Retired University Professor Finds the Answers
April 27, 2021 Real Stories
He’s worked and traveled all over the place, from Seattle to Florida, picking up five degrees along the way, including a doctorate...
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Southern Evangelical Seminary Welcomes Dr. Richard G. Howe to the Norman L. Geisler Chair of Christian Apologetics
April 26, 2021 General
Dr. Norman Geisler would often say to staff at Southern Evangelical Seminary that nobody embodied more of his legacy than his student,...
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Social Media and the Internet Sowing Racial Discontent
As racial and ethnic tensions become ever more tense, even some of the progressive left are now expressing deep concern about media’s...
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Southern Evangelical Seminary Names Judge Philip Ginn as New President
In a transition that is being described by Southern Evangelical Seminary as “divinely led,” the SES Board of Trustees has named Judge...
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