Tuition Incentives

Want to receive tuition credit for referring your friends to SES?

Any alumni or current student of Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES) enrolled in a degree program is eligible for this incentive. Here is what you need to do:

  • Recommend a prospective student to SES in writing by emailing Miana Huneycutt at [email protected]
  • Have the prospective student list you as their referral on their completed application
  • The prospective student must be admitted to a program of study, and enroll in at least one course for credit
  • Once the above is completed, you will receive a tuition credit for the next semester equal to the tuition amount for the course in which the recommended student is enrolled (i.e. undergraduate, graduate, or doctoral)

The recommended student must be enrolled for credit through the withdrawal period of no tuition refund and tuition must be paid in full. Tuition credit will be applied to the alumni/current student’s tuition for the next semester.

This incentive is good for recommending a new student who enrolls in their first course for credit only and does not apply to re-entering SES students/alumni or their family members.