Master of Arts in Church Ministry

How do you equip yourself to effectively engage people day-to-day in the course of your ministry? 

Whether you are already working in a church or mission setting or just starting to plan a career in a ministry role, you need to be able to engage with and lead those you encounter. 

The Master of Arts in Church Ministry at Southern Evangelical Seminary prepares you for leadership and ministry with a strong foundation in apologetics, biblical studies, and theology, along with practical field experience. Graduates of this master’s program are prepared for either church or parachurch ministry in the areas of congregational leadership, discipleship, evangelism, missions, Christian education, and more. 

An increasing number of churches and ministry jobs require ministers to hold a master’s degree. The Master of Arts in Church Ministry will prepare you for more jobs and open up new possibilities for you to use your gifts and skills. 

While many seminaries offer a variety of master’s degrees, there are some specific benefits of the master’s degree programs at SES. These benefits include:

Faculty With Real-Life Ministry Experience

You’ll be learning from faculty who have served as pastors and in other ministry roles. You’ll be able to go beyond textbook knowledge and gain wisdom and insight from their life experiences. Our faculty are also dedicated to getting to know students’ goals and helping them to understand the material in a way that applies to current or future callings. 

Engaging Courses Connect Knowledge with Application

Our courses integrate theology, philosophy, and apologetics in a way that helps you interact with today’s culture. We live in a world that is crying out for answers to life’s challenges. Whether you’re working in the church, the missions field, or even in a non-ministry profession, you’ve likely encountered people who have questions about love, suffering, grief, and God’s plan. You will learn how to answer those questions, defend the truth of the Scriptures, and reach people from a wide variety of socioeconomic backgrounds.

Flexible Course Formats for Your Busy Schedule

SES provides a fully immersive digital campus experience where every aspect of traditional education is achieved in a virtual environment. We integrate industry-leading technologies for live-streaming, course management, and student interaction. Our innovative digital campus can deliver the training you need in a way that fits your schedule and budget.

As a Student in the SES Master of Arts in Church Ministry Program, You Will:

  • Be equipped to lead and teach a congregation or other groups to grow, mature, and reach out to the world around them
  • Gain the skills needed for pastoral ministry, youth ministry, missions work, or other church-related and parachurch positions.
  • Learn how to communicate the truth of God effectively in an inter-cultural context, either in a pastoral or non-pastoral position.
  • Gain a general knowledge of both systematic and historical theology.

Courses of Interest

Introduction to Christian Apologetics 

Learn the systematic and rational defense of the basic elements of the Christian Faith, including the existence of God, miracles, the deity of Christ, and the inspiration of the Bible.

Biblical Theology & Principles of Missions

A comprehensive study of the missio dei theme, the progressive missional role of God’s people in Scripture, as well as the practical implications and principles these streams bring to Christian ministry.


A study of the principles and practices of Christian discipleship as related to the programs of the local church. Learn how to integrate apologetics into discipleship.

Take a Deeper Look at This Degree Today – Download Your Program Preview Now!

If the M.A. in Church Ministry seems like a potential fit for your calling and interests, download a program preview. Inside, you will find:

  • More information about how this degree will equip you for ministry.
  • Details about the degree’s objectives, a course list, and degree requirements.
  • Information about flexible course delivery options.
  • Next steps to keep exploring or apply for this degree.

Admissions & Tuition

Southern Evangelical Seminary offers a simple, four-step application process. Prospective students can apply online, submit a personal statement, provide official transcripts, and pay a nonrefundable application fee to be considered for admission. Read more about our application process, deadlines, and tuition.

Why Southern Evangelical Seminary?

Individuals who enroll at SES have many different goals, but one thing in common: a desire to strengthen their grounding in core issues to glorify God. If you are looking to more clearly articulate truth and teach others with confidence, you’ll find invaluable community at SES. Our faculty and staff invest in each student’s journey, and like-minded peers help sharpen each other along the way. These meaningful relationships will be critical to your personal growth and ability to defend your faith in an ever-changing world.

There is much more to share with you. You can start right now by downloading our e-book, 3 Reasons for Seminary.

SM501 Writing & Research Skills (3)

AP501 Introduction to Christian Apologetics (3)
AP502 New Religious Movements (3)

OT501 Old Testament Survey 1: Genesis–Esther (3)
OT502 Old Testament Survey 2: Job–Malachi (3)
NT501 New Testament Survey 1: Gospels & Acts (3)
NT502 New Testament Survey 2: Epistles & Revelation (3)

CE501 Educational Program of the Church (3)
CE502 Discipleship (3)

HT501 Historical Theology: A Survey (3)

ME507 History of Missions & World Christianity (3)
ME508 Biblical Theology & Principles of Missions (3)

PT501 Homiletics or PT502 Pastoral Care
or PT503 Biblical Counseling (3)

ST501 Prolegomena & Bibliology (3)
ST502 Theology Proper & Creation (3)
ST503 Hamartiology & Soteriology (3)
ST504 Pneumatology, Ecclesiology, & Eschatology (3)
ST505 Hermeneutics (3)

ELECTIVE – 9 hours
From CE, ME, or PT

FE501 Field Experience 1 (0)
FE502 Field Experience 2 (0)
TOTAL HOURS: 60 hours

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