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International Students

Apologetics-Focused Education Wherever You Are

SES desires students who are committed to Jesus Christ. Students are required to read, understand, and respect our statements of purpose and faith. Enrollment is open to all qualified students, without distinction of gender, race, disability, or ethnic derivation, who desire to engage in serious theological study in preparation for Christian service. And because SES degrees and certificates can be completed online, this makes SES a great option for international students. Please note, if your previous degree granting institution(s) is not an accredited US based school, you must have your transcript evaluated by a qualified company such as AACRAO’s International Education Services, World Education Services, or Educational Credential Evaluators. International students may apply using the same application as all other students.


Discount application deadlines are as follows based on your start date:

Fall Terms – July 15
Winter/Spring Terms – December 15
Summer Terms – April 15


One amazing thing about our immersive digital campus experience is that it makes our apologetics-focused Christian education available to anyone with an internet connection throughout the entire English-speaking world. While every seminary student makes sacrifices to be equipped for his calling, we understand that many international students do not have the same buying power as US residents.

That’s why we are offering qualified international students the opportunity to apply for an “equal sacrifice” discount. We will have a limited number of these discounts available each year. They are awarded to qualifying students on the basis of financial need, Christian character, and the potential for academic success.

If awarded this discount, we will calculate your personalized tuition discount on for-credit courses based on the purchase power index rating of your country of residence at the time of your applying (rounded to the nearest whole number). For example, the PPI rating for South Africa is 20, a difference of 80 compared to 100 for the US. Hence, South African students would receive an 80% discount on for-credit courses. In addition, semester fees will be discounted by 50% to $125 per semester (regardless of the number of courses taken at a time).

Degree-seeking and certificate students may apply for this discount, but they will not be considered until granted academic acceptance. This discount cannot be combined with other discounts and will be valid for the completion of your degree or certificate unless there are substantial changes to your status warranting a reevaluation. Please contact the Admissions Department for more information.

Apologetics-Focused Academics

Featured Academic Programs

Apologetics-Focus Undergraduate


SES offers a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies designed to prepare students for later graduate work in apologetics, philosophy, biblical studies, and more. Some hours can even be applied to M.A. studies.

Apologetics-Focus Graduate


In addition to apologetics degrees, several academically rigorous Masters degrees are available that provide students with integrated and in-depth studies that will prepare you for ministry or doctoral work.

Seminary education that prepares you.


A Doctor of Ministry in Apologetics (D.Min.) as well as a Doctor of Philosophy in Philosophy of Religion (Ph.D.) offer students opportunities to develop their own research and practical resources.

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