Master of Divinity in Apologetics

There are so many encouraging examples of Christians throughout the ages who championed the Gospel and defended the truth of Scripture in the face of the severest persecution.

Many prospective students considering the M.Div. in Apologetics have a desire to pursue writing, speaking, and public engagement with a culture that grows increasingly hostile to the Gospel. This 90-hour degree will certainly give you a broad foundation for those pursuits, as well as open potential doors to advanced academic research or careers.

However, something that is often overlooked by contemporary students is the vital need for thoughtful, nuanced training in apologetics within the traditional pastoral or church ministry role. We regularly think of apologetics only as a tool or equipment for contending with the falsehoods and often confrontational rejection of Jesus Christ and the Gospel by those outside our church congregations. It certainly is that, but ministers and teachers can make invaluable contributions to strengthening their fellow Christians in their congregations through applied apologetics. The M.Div. in Apologetics program would be a potent way to prepare for such work, and it can be completed via our immersive digital campus. Consider these thoughts from long-time SES professor, Dr. Doug Potter: Five Truths the Church Needs Today to Engage People’s Questions.

Students in the M.Div. in Apologetics Program Will:

  • Demonstrate an advanced understanding of Christian apologetics, including how various ideas developed historically and philosophically, and how those ideas are salient to contemporary developments in philosophy, theology, ethics, cultural issues, and more 
  • Refresh and extend core skills in the field of logic 
  • Cultivate stronger abilities for rhetorical analysis and the construction of sound argument
  • Exhibit a refined grasp of hermeneutical theory and practice through the applied interpretation of Biblical texts
  • Ground yourself in the general knowledge of historical theology, systematic theology, the Old and New Testaments, and the synthetic development of the entire Bible

Highlights from the M.Div. in Apologetics Course List

Christian Apologetic Systems

This course includes an in-depth exploration of the major systems of Christian apologetics with an emphasis on contemporary developments and applications.

Resurrection of Jesus

Any coherent Christian apologetics must understand and uphold the bodily resurrection of Christ. You will give exclusive attention to arguments for and against the resurrection in this advanced level apologetics class.


Sharpen your interpretation skills for various Biblical texts as you develop this essential ability for original scholarship, teaching, and engagement in the public sphere.

Preparation for Teaching, Ministry, and More

We have already begun to outline some of the primary ways that this program will equip you for ministry and various forms of cultural engagement. The training is rigorous, and the applications for it, both within and beyond your congregation, are crucial. It is not enough, however, to simply learn how to argue convincingly for the Gospel — evidence, argument, and rhetorical skill must be grounded in the hope and love of Christ.

The Impact of the SES Master of Divinity in Apologetics

Take a moment to read and reflect on these sober, encouraging words from Dr. Barry Leventhal, a long-time professor of apologetics at Southern Evangelical Seminary:

“In my classes, I always tell my students — if you’re not a person of prayer, but you’re in a good church — you’ll get smarter and brighter … but you’ll be arrogant. We must keep in touch with the Lord. If you’re going to be in a relationship, you’ve got to listen to the one you love, talk to the one you love, and seek to please the one you love. With God, we understand that this usually translates as reading your Bible faithfully, a commitment to prayer, and the mystery of marriage. The training and diplomas we confer at SES are very heavy, and you can go over the edge. Hubris is a true danger. We are a school that is committed to a personal relationship with God the Father and God the Son through the Holy Spirit. Our teaching, studying, and equipment for ministry are so important — but our walk with Jesus is primary.”

Dr. Barry Leventhal, Professor of Apologetics

Take a Deeper Look at This Degree

If it seems the M.Div. in Apologetics may align with your calling and interests, take a copy of our program preview with you now. Inside it, you will find:

  • Descriptions of the core skills you will gain with this degree
  • Details about the objectives, course list, and degree requirements of the M.Div. in Apologetics program
  • Information about our flexible course delivery which makes this program more convenient for students across the country
  • Some further steps you could take to continue exploring the potential of this degree

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Admissions & Tuition

We have worked hard to make the admissions process simple for prospective students. Learn more about the four steps in our process which begins with your online application. The SES admissions staff and faculty would like to connect with you to understand your priorities and help answer whatever questions you might have along the way. Contact us today.

Prospective students like you are often glad to discover how affordable the distinctive training at SES is compared to similar programs at other seminaries. Get current information about our tuition rates and financial aid opportunities.

Why Southern Evangelical Seminary?

Apologetics isn’t simply a core feature of this degree — it is threaded through every program we offer and is integral to the foundation of all our training. When you combine our level of apologetics instruction with the firm commitment we maintain to classical theism, you find that SES is truly set apart from the many seminary options available. We have taken the time to explore key questions for prospective students in our e-book, 3 Reasons for Seminary.

SM501 Writing and Research Skills (3)

APOLOGETICS – 15 hours
AP501 Introduction to Christian Apologetics or APe (3)
AP503 Logic (3)
AP511 Christian Apologetic Systems (3)
AP512 Ethics (3)
AP518 Resurrection of Jesus (3)

PHILOSOPHY – 6 hours
PH501 Classical Philosophy (3)
PH601 Philosophy of Religion (3)

Old Testament – 9 hours
OT501 Old Testament Survey 1: Genesis–Esther (3)
OT502 Old Testament Survey 2: Job–Malachi (3)
OTE Old Testament Elective (3)

New Testament – 9 hours
NT501 New Testament Survey 1: Gospels and Acts (3)
NT502 New Testament Survey 2: The Epistles and Revelation (3)
NTE New Testament Elective (3)

CE501 Educational Program of the Church (3)

HT501 Historical Theology: A Survey (3)

ME507 History of Missions & World Christianity (3)
ME508 Biblical Theology & Principles of Missions (3)
ME510 Culture & Worldview (3)

PT501 Homiletics (3)
PT502 Pastoral Care (3)
PT503 Biblical Counseling (3)

ST501 Prolegomena and Bibliology (3)
ST502 Theology Proper and Creation (3)
ST503 Hamartiology and Soteriology (3)
ST504 Pneumatology, Ecclesiology and Eschatology (3)
ST505 Hermeneutics (3)

ELECTIVES – 12 hours
a) Any Elective (3)
b) One course from CE, PT, or ME (3)
c) AP Electives (6)

FE501 Field Experience 1 (0)
FE502 Field Experience 2 (0)
FE503 Field Experience 3 (0)
FE504 Field Experience 4 (0)
TOTAL HOURS: 90 hours

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