Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment programs are collaborative efforts between high schools and colleges in which high school students are permitted to enroll in and earn credit for successfully completing college courses. This means that high school students earn credit for successfully completing college courses and concurrently earn credit toward the requirements of their high school diploma. These courses may be taught on the college campus, the high school campus or fully online.


Students involved in the program may jump start their college experience and accelerate their college education by accumulating transferable college credits. Students are challenged intellectually and academically and are more likely to continue their education beyond high school. Another benefit is that students have access to a college education without interrupting normal high school activities.


There are six courses that SES offers for Dual Enrollment. All of these courses can be taken fully online.

AP401: Introduction to Christian Apologetics
Learn to defend the basic elements of the Christian faith, including the existence of God, miracles, the deity of Christ, and the inspiration of the Bible.

AP412: Ethics: Decision Making in Contemporary Culture
Explore ethical alternatives and issues from a Christian perspective, including the ethics of abortion, euthanasia, nature of marriage, and war.

AP302: World Religions and New Religious Movements
Examine the worldviews of the major religions of the world and contemporary cults, and learn how to defend the historic Christian faith in view of their challenges

ST302: Survey of Bible Doctrine
Strengthen faith and life through a study of the triune God, His creation of the world, angels, human beings, and His relation to them through salvation in Christ, His church, and His coming kingdom.

PH301: Critical Thinking
Study the basic forms of logical thinking and fallacies while stressing the use of reason in Christian theology and apologetics.

PH302: Introduction to Philosophy 
Engage in a study of the most significant philosophers, their ideas, and relation to Christian theology and apologetics.


  1. Check with your school to see if you have a Dual Enrollment policy in place.
  2. Apply to SES and select the application for Dual Enrollment.
  3. Admission to the Dual Enrollment Program is available to Juniors and Seniors who have distinguished themselves with high academic achievement (or, who have at least a 3.0 average)
  4. The cost for a Dual Enrollment course at SES is $600.00.
  5. The Dual Enrollment courses will be delivered online concurrently with the regular undergraduate courses at SES.


Please complete the form below, and you will be contacted by an SES representative to discuss how we may partner with you in becoming more equipped to engage the culture with the truth of the Gospel.