Truth that Matters


Embark on a Journey of Faith and Family with Truth That Matters

In the heart of every believer, family, and community lies the intrinsic desire for a solid foundation built upon faith, values, and truth. At Truth That Matters (TTM), we resonate deeply with this longing and are devoted to fortifying the pillars of family and Christ's church, both in our nation and across the globe.

Unite Families in Christ

At TTM, we are steadfast in our commitment to rejuvenating and bolstering the family structure. Through our resources, we endeavor to craft an environment where families can thrive in love, unity, and Christ-centered living.

Empower the Global Christian Community

TTM is not merely a platform; it is a sanctuary where Christians from all walks of life will find a treasury of resources designed to nurture their faith and sustain them amid cultural pressures. Once fully operational, TTM will unveil a multitude of avenues to deepen your spiritual walk, including insightful podcasts, uplifting videos, and enlightening Bible Studies.

Equip Believers with Truth and Assurance

Navigating through the prevailing cultural malaise with faithfulness and assurance requires resources that are both grounded in Biblical truth and relevant to contemporary challenges. Our materials will be meticulously crafted, not only to safeguard our churches and fellow Christians from societal pressures but also to embolden them to confidently and effectively live out and teach the Gospel message.

Ignite Passionate, Steadfast Discipleship

In the midst of the maelstrom, TTM will serve as your anchor, equipping new believers with the tools to be unwavering and steadfast in truth. We're on a mission to mentor Christians so that they, in turn, can disciple others, perpetuating a cycle of sturdy, resilient faith.

Truth That Matters is more than a ministry; it is a lifeline for families and Christians, ensuring that the light of the Gospel continues to shine brightly, even in the darkest corners of our world. Together, let’s embark on this transformative journey, fortifying our families, communities, and churches with the unshakeable truth of Christ's love and message. Join with us and become revolutionary by making a stand for the Truth that always Matters!

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