Master of Divinity in Biblical Studies

As Christians, what are we to do with contrary or outright contradictory interpretations of Scripture?

What are the essential skills for engaging with the original texts of the Bible? Questions such as these are so important to address in personal and professional ministry. The 90-credit hour Master of Divinity in Biblical Studies program at SES is designed to equip you with at least three essential components of training to address these and a related host of questions: apologetics, Biblical language training, and classical theism.

Apologetics is one of the cornerstones of each degree program at SES. Through the M.Div. in Biblical Studies program, you will understand the needs and issues at stake in our cultural debates and be ready to engage.

Biblical language training in the M.Div. in Biblical Studies gets far beyond the basics. You will explore Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic, Syriac, and Latin grammar, syntax, and the skills for interpreting the text. 

Classical theism is the overarching framework for our approach to Biblical studies at SES. We begin with the bedrock tenets of God’s simplicity, impassibility, and more. With the proper foundation for demonstrating the nature of the existence of God, we may confidently build new skills and understanding for cultural engagement and upholding the hope of the Gospel. 

Whether you are still relatively early in your academic career, in or approaching retirement, or anywhere in between–the M.Div. in Biblical Studies will strengthen you for whatever ministry God calls you to in the days ahead.

As a Student in the SES Master of Divinity in Biblical Studies Program, You Will:

  • Gain an extensive working knowledge of Biblical Greek and Hebrew grammar and syntax
  • Apply your language skills in a hands-on exegesis of Biblical books in their original language
  • Cultivate advanced hermeneutics and research skills for Biblical interpretation 
  • Explore methods of communicating the Gospel across many socioeconomic divides
  • Be equipped for ongoing apologetics engagement and missional work
  • Demonstrate a foundational general knowledge of Historical Theology; the Old and New Testaments with a synthetic development of the entire Bible; and Systematic Theology

Highlights from the M.Div. in Biblical Studies Course List

Advanced Greek Exegesis

Delve into the original Greek of select New Testament texts equipped to apply your knowledge of syntax and grammar and produce your own translation. 


Explore the core skills for research and nuance of translation work in this course that will equip you for advanced teaching and writing in ministry.

Additional Language Electives

M.Div. in Biblical Studies students also have access to additional language elective classes, including Aramaic, Syriac, and Latin that will help round out the extensive language focus of this degree.

Preparation for Teaching, Ministry, and More

The M.Div. in Biblical Studies program provides a strong, broad foundation for writing, teaching, and personal or pastoral ministry. The heavy emphasis on Biblical hermeneutics, exegesis, and language skills will help you get to the heart of the text, develop your own interpretations, and confidently compare them with other scholars and commentaries.

In many regards, this program offers a similar foundation as the M.A. in Biblical Studies degree program at SES. With the M.Div. in Biblical Studies degree, you will also invest more than 20 hours of study in Christian education, missions and evangelism, and pastoral theology. 

This program is a good choice for those already in a full-time teaching ministry. Many students will apply their skills and this degree in parachurch organizations and missional work around the globe. It can also be completed via our immersive digital campus. Part of the benefit of an SES education is the personal relationship you will form with your professors and peers. They will help you discern and clarify the possible applications of this training to the ministry God calls you to in the future.

Take a Deeper Look at This Degree

If the M.Div. in Biblical Studies seems like a potential fit for your calling and interests, download our program preview. 

Inside it, you will find:

  • Further insights for applying this degree in ministry
  • Information about the M.Div. in Biblical Studies objectives, course list, and degree requirements
  • Details about the flexible course delivery with this program
  • Some steps you may take to keep exploring this degree

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Admissions & Tuition

Admissions at SES is a simple, four-step application process that begins with an online application. Prospective students often have questions, so our admissions staff is ready to hear more about where you are and your priorities today. We invite you to contact us as you are considering seminary training and the M.Div. in Biblical Studies program. 
The affordability and value of SES continue to distinguish it from other seminaries across the country. Read about current tuition rates and our financial aid opportunities.

Why Southern Evangelical Seminary?

Apologetics is one of the bedrock commitments and benefits of an SES education. Our culture grows increasingly confused about what’s true and right and good, even as it becomes more and more hostile to the Gospel. We have prepared a thoughtful resource for prospective students which underscores both the need for advanced apologetics training and some of the other distinctive qualities of the degree programs we offer. Download our e-book today: 3 Reasons for Seminary.

SM501 Writing & Research Skills (3)

AP501 Intro to Christian Apologetics (3)
AP512 Ethics (3)

GK501 Greek Grammar 1 (3)
GK502 Greek Grammar 2 (3)
GK503 Greek Syntax & Exegesis (3)
GK504 Advanced Greek Exegesis (3)
HB501 Biblical Hebrew 1 (3)
HB502 Biblical Hebrew 2 (3)

OT501 Old Testament Survey 1: Genesis–Esther (3)
OT502 Old Testament Survey 2: Job–Malachi (3)
OTE Old Testament Elective (3)
NT501 New Testament Survey 1: Gospels & Acts (3)
NT502 New Testament Survey 2: Epistles & Rev. (3)
NTE New Testament Elective (3)

CE501 Educational Program of the Church (3)

HT501 Historical Theology: A Survey (3)

ME507 History of Missions & World Christianity (3)
ME508 Biblical Theology & Principles of Missions (3)
ME510 Culture & Worldview (3)

PT501 Homiletics (3)
PT502 Pastoral Care (3)
PT503 Biblical Counseling (3)

ST501 Prolegomena & Bibliology (3)
ST502 Theology Proper & Creation (3)
ST503 Hamartiology & Soteriology (3)
ST504 Pneumatology, Ecclesiology, & Eschatology (3)
ST505 Hermeneutics (3)
ST511 Advanced Hermeneutics (3)

ELECTIVES – 6 hours
a) Any Elective (3)
b) One course from CE, PT, or ME (3)

FE501 Field Experience 1 (0)
FE502 Field Experience 2 (0)
FE503 Field Experience 3 (0)
FE504 Field Experience 4 (0)
TOTAL HOURS: 90 hours

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