Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies

With so many Bible college options and religious studies programs to choose from, what are the most critical considerations?

The Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies at Southern Evangelical Seminary combines exceptional academic rigor and flexible ministry options to create a compelling value for your educational investment.

Read more about this program and the benefits, and download a copy of our Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies Preview today. It has even more valuable information about this degree for you to consider.

Core Benefits of the B.A. in Religious Studies Degree

Fully Immersive Digital Campus

SES has spearheaded the next generation of online learning formats through real-time, live-streamed classes. They facilitate the two-way conversations and pedagogical dialog which will turn your home into a classroom. This model brings the best of the traditional campus learning experience together with the convenience of studying wherever you are in the world.

Academic Rigor

It can be easy to overlook the obvious as you are weighing the many options for your education, so it’s worth asking outright: how do you measure the quality of a school and its degrees? Academic rigor is the core standard. At SES, you will find an exceptional commitment to academic standards. You see it reflected through:

Outstanding Faculty

There are no teaching assistants in our graduate programs and with the B.A. in Religious Studies programs, all of your classes will be taught by graduate professors. The same instructors guiding our Ph.D. candidates and many master’s students will be mentoring you and bringing all their advanced teaching expertise to your class experience.

A Higher Standard

We hold to the traditional grading scale (instead of the 10-point scale some schools converted to in recent years). That means that every grade at SES carries a special weight. Our “A” students have demonstrated exceptional scholarship and mastery of their subject.

Clear, Robust Class Requirements

It’s not uncommon for our course syllabi to run 10 pages or more because our faculty expertly craft official, clear, informative guides for students. The depth of content in each class is self-evident, and everyone knows exactly what the expectations and structure of the class will be, ensuring a higher quality experience for each student. 

Flexibility for Your Needs and Goals

Along with the freedom to study from wherever you live, the B.A. in Religious Studies opens many opportunities after graduation. More traditional full-time ministry and vocations are certainly an option, but so is pursuing graduate-level education or using this degree in a variety of professional fields.

Affordable Excellence and Expertise

This program is unique in that you will finish with a 120-hour, fully accredited bachelor’s degree from SES. However, 60 hours of your degree will be general education courses you complete at another accredited school of your choice (this can be done concurrently with your studies at SES). The SES faculty will provide you with the Biblical and Religious Studies expertise at a remarkable value and you may complete your other course work with experts in the humanities and their electives somewhere else. It’s the best of both worlds at a very competitive, affordable tuition cost. 

Connect with one of our admissions counselors to discuss the particulars of your credits outside of SES.

As a Graduate of the B.A. in Religious Studies Program, You Will:

  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of both the Old and New Testaments as well as a synthetic development of all the books of the Bible. 
  • Gain a deeper understanding of Christian apologetics, philosophy, and ethics.
  • Cultivate your understanding of world religions, as well as a Christian apologetics response to their truth claims and tenets.
  • Demonstrate a general knowledge of Biblical languages and conduct introductory research in both Greek and Hebrew.
  • Explore missions and evangelism and connect this work to Biblical truth, history, and issues in contemporary cultures around the globe.

Courses of Interest

World Religions and New Religions

This class will both expose the secular lie that ‘all religions are basically the same’ and give you a clear understanding of just how different Christianity’s claims are in comparison to both ancient and emerging world religions.

Introduction to Christian Apologetics

How can we defend the truth of the Gospel in the turbulent, ongoing public debates about what is true and trustworthy? This course will lay a solid foundation for developing your understanding of apologetics and its many applications.

The Resurrection of Jesus

This elective class delves deeply into the proofs for the bodily resurrection of Jesus, as well as the historical and contemporary implications of this core Christian tenet.

Download Our Preview for a Deeper Look at This Degree

Perhaps you are beginning to see that the B.A. in Religious Studies program could fit for your calling and interests. You should take a program preview with you now. Inside this resource you will discover:

  • Additional insights about the benefits of this degree
  • Details about the program objectives, degree requirements, and course list
  • More information about our online course delivery options
  • Further steps you can take to continue learning about this degree

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If I knew a fraction of what I know now, it could have saved me from 10 years of atheism, and what I know now is only a fraction of what SES has to offer. I was looking for answers that no one could give me, and then I found SES.

Sean Murphy, SES Student

Admissions & Tuition

SES has streamlined the admissions process for incoming students. Our four-step process begins with an online application. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. Our admissions staff are here to help. We want to hear what is important for you in your education and make sure you have all the information you need as you weigh your options.  

Tuition rates at SES are set to make our highly rigorous and respected degrees as affordable as possible for students. There are options to help you pay for your education. Explore financial aid opportunities at SES.

Why Southern Evangelical Seminary?

At SES you will find a threefold commitment that is unique among Bible colleges and seminaries. Each of our programs, including the B.A. in Religious Studies degree, weaves together an integrated approach to theology, philosophy, and apologetics. With a firm foundation in each of these, and a synthetic understanding of their interdependencies, you will be well equipped for whatever work God is calling you to in the future.

That’s another thing we should mention: the community you will find through SES is so important. It is always an ongoing process of discernment for students to understand and pursue their calling, and the SES faculty as well as your community of peers often play an active role in that discernment. 

We would like to help you take that next step now. Get in touch with one of our admissions counselors today. We want to hear what’s on your mind, answer your questions, connect you with faculty who can give you more insights, and ensure you have all you need as you consider options for your education. Call or write us today: (704) 847-5600 x216, [email protected]

AP302 World Religions & New Religious Movements (3)
AP401 Introduction to Christian Apologetics (3)
AP412 Ethics (3)

PHILOSOPHY – 6 hours
PH301 Critical Thinking (3)
PH302 Introduction to Philosophy (3)

BL(GK/HB)401 Biblical Languages (3)

OT301 Old Testament Survey (3)
OT400 Book Study (3)
NT301 New Testament Survey (3)
NT400 Book Study (3)

ST301 Introduction to Theology (3)
ST302 Survey of Bible Doctrine (3)
ST303 Bible Study Methods (3)

HT301 Church History (3)

ME301 Evangelism (3)
ME407 (or 408) History of Missions & World Christianity (3)

CE301 Communication in a Theological Context (3)

SEMINAR – 3 hours
SM401 Writing & Research Skills (3)

ELECTIVES – 6 hours
a) AP Elective (3)
b) Elective (3)

FE401 Field Experience 1 (0)
FE402 Field Experience 2 (0)

General Education Defined Requirement – 24 hours
English (3), Writing/Composition (3), Mathematics (3), Science (3), Fine Arts (3), Behavioral/Social Sciences (3), Communications (3), History (3)
Other Undefined Courses – 36 hours
TOTAL HOURS: 120 hours

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