Master of Arts in Philosophy

Get equipped for philosophical debate and trained to defend the Christian worldview in a challenging culture. 

If you’re thinking about pursuing your Ph.D., the 42 hour Master of Arts in Philosophy can provide a firm foundation for your success as a scholar and teacher.

Between family, work, and other commitments, you may be wondering how a seminary education fits into your life. Offered via our immersive digital campus, this degree program is flexible, affordable, and accessible to men and women around the world. Discover a community of faculty and peers who can help you:

As a Student in the SES Master of Arts in Philosophy, You Will:

  • Become equipped to discern major issues in current philosophical debate
  • Get training in both contemporary philosophical and apologetical issues 
  • Explore metaphysics, epistemology, and ethics
  • Prepare to engage with intellectual atheists and agnostics on a philosophical level
  • Learn to practically apply biblical wisdom in a variety of contexts
  • Meet admission requirements for doctorate programs in philosophy and religious studies

Courses of Interest


Learn about the nature of knowledge with emphasis on theology and metaphysics while becoming versed in responses to skepticism, agnosticism, and other views that deny knowledge of reality.

Moral Philosophy 

Explore questions relating to the problems and possibilities of rationally grounding distinctions between moral and immoral conduct. This course takes both a historical and critical approach.

Theology Proper and Creation

Study the triune God, as well as His existence and attributes. This course also explores God’s creation of the world, angels, human beings, and His relation to them.

Tailored Education to Help Fulfill Your Unique Calling

Your Path to Ph.D.

Your scholarly work—both today and in the future—should equip you with the tools to lead, teach, and serve. The M.A. in Philosophy provides a solid foundation for entering a doctoral program and gives you an effective voice to impact today’s culture. 

Personal Ministry

Being fruitful in your personal ministry requires diligence. Our program offers structure, guidance, and mentoring that meets the needs of busy people juggling multiple life commitments. It is designed to help you grow in your faith and apply your training in a meaningful way.

Join a Community of Thinkers in the Faith — Download Your Program Preview Today!

“Apologetics wasn’t a side issue. It was the actual essence of the ministry I was doing…I’m finding out more and more how important it is to be trained in order to pick up on these philosophical problems to answer the real question at hand.”

Anthony Miller, Current Student

Admissions & Tuition

Southern Evangelical Seminary offers a simple, four-step application process. Prospective students can apply online, submit a personal statement, provide official transcripts, and pay a nonrefundable application fee to be considered for admission. Read more about our application process, deadlines, and tuition.

Why Southern Evangelical Seminary?

Individuals who enroll at Southern Evangelical Seminary have many different goals, but one thing in common: a desire to strengthen their grounding in core issues to glorify God. If you are looking to more clearly articulate truth and teach others with confidence, you’ll find invaluable community at SES. Our faculty and staff invest in each student’s journey, and like-minded peers help sharpen each other along the way. These meaningful relationships will be critical to your personal growth and ability to defend your faith in an ever-changing world.

SM501 Writing & Research Skills (3)

PHILOSOPHY – 27 hours
PH502 History of Ancient & Medieval Phil. (3)
PH505 History of Modern & Contemporary Phil. (3)
PH513 Symbolic Logic (3)
PH514 Moral Philosophy (3)
PH601 Philosophy of Religion (3)
PH604 Metaphysics (3)
PH605 Epistemology (3)
Philosophy Electives (6)

BS501 Biblical Backgrounds & Criticism (3)

ST501 Prolegomena & Bibliology (3)
ST502 Theology Proper & Creation (3)
ST503 Hamartiology & Soteriology (3)
ST504 Pneumatology, Ecclesiology, & Eschatology (3)
TOTAL HOURS: 42 hours

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