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Prospective students considering seminary training almost always have concerns about how to balance their studies with other priorities and commitments in their lives. Your family, career, ministry, and other obligations mean you’ll need a seminary option that’s flexible as you balance your academic work with the rest of life. Long before distance learning became a priority for every school in 2020, Southern Evangelical Seminary was pioneering and then refining an alternative to the traditional, on-campus seminary classroom to meet student needs for online education. With our live-streaming options you’ll feel like you’re right there in the classroom from the comfort of your living room.

Our students consistently tell us how important it is to maintain connections with one another and their professors. Seminary is wonderful. But it’s also challenging and something that demands genuine, intimate community. Our digital campus experience is full of opportunities for you to get connected, enrich those relationships, collaborate, and grow together in Christ. As a student with us, you will be far ahead of the curve as we’ve recreated all the opportunities beyond the classroom from a traditional campus in our digital campus experience.

Class Formats that Fit Your Priorities​

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Approx. 60% of courses are offered as live-streams each semester with the streams also available for on-demand access throughout the course


Other courses are offered as recorded lectures you watch at your convenience with extra live-streaming professor interaction built in

15-Week Semesters

Most of our courses follow the traditional format and meet one night per week for 15 weeks (we do offer a few 8-week courses at times)

One-Week Modules

Offered throughout the year, these live-streaming modules have all lectures completed in one week with the remaining 14 weeks for assignments

A Digital-First Approach

Colleges and universities (and many churches, for that matter) are infamously slow to change — especially when it comes to technology. At SES, we have long recognized that many of the learning needs for today’s seminarians — and tomorrow’s evangelists, apologists, and educators — require dependable, discerning technology support and fluency. SES intentionally takes a digital-first approach, which means we’ve made a significant investment in the technology framework for our students. Virtually everything you’ll need to attend classes, study, conduct research, connect with your fellow students, meet with your faculty mentors, and stay on top of your studies is all housed in our customized online education Canvas platform. Sign in securely in one place and you’ll have at your fingertips full access to all the software and tools you’ll need.

Unlike other schools that recently rushed to adopt a templated student experience in Canvas (simply the same set up with a different school logo), we spent years building a customized assortment of hand-picked technology that integrates seamlessly within the Canvas platform. As a result, SES offers something truly unique: a fully immersive digital campus experience that is thoughtfully and purposefully aligned with our philosophy of education and academic rigor. Our digital campus is designed to expand and adapt to real student needs and our growing community.

Virtual Community Allows You to Be a Real-Time Part of:

A World-Class Theological Library

Your work and ministry will be profoundly shaped by the research and investment you make in your seminary training. SES is able to offer our students a set of virtual keys to one of the most remarkable theological resources ever created: the Digital Theological Library. Founded in 2016, SES is one of just over 30 institutional members who fund and support this groundbreaking archive of religious studies and theology resources.

As a student, you will have online, worldwide access to more than:

  • 620,000 E-Books
  • 150 databases
  • 35,000 journal titles
  • 50 million full-text, peer-reviewed articles
  • 2.6 million full-text dissertations and theses
  • 71,000 multi-disciplinary videos  

Highlights from the Digital Theological Library include:

  • Every Bible commentary that is available in a digital format
  • All JSTOR, Project Muse, and ProQuest databases in religious studies
  • Loeb Classical Library
    Psychology and Counseling databases
  • E-Book titles from Duke, Harvard, de Gruyter, Cambridge, Bloomsbury, and Taylor & Francis
  • Non-English databases in Chinese, Korean, German, Spanish, and French

Additional resources are frequently added, included many required textbook and readings, thus saving you time and money

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