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Tuition & Fees

Your Financial Situation, Just Like Your Calling to Ministry, is Unique

It deserves personal attention from the team at Southern Evangelical Seminary who are equipped to help you sort out the best way to pay for your education. As you consider seminary, Bible college, or graduate studies, we welcome your questions about tuition, financial aid, scholarships, payment plans, or whatever is on your mind. Our admission counselors are here to help you. Review the core information on this page, and then get in touch with one of our admission counselors. They will listen to your priorities and needs, answer questions, and outline the best options for you as you apply and pursue training for evangelism and the defense of the historic Christian faith.

The Value of an Education at SES

When you enroll at SES, we’re confident that you’ll discover what our alumni will tell you: the true value of an education at SES is greater even than the sum of its parts. The quality of our curriculum and academic rigor at SES are exceptionally high. We promise — and deliver — one of the best seminary educations possible. And, in the wide sea of seminary choices, we’ve been set apart from the very beginning because of our threefold focus on philosophy, theology, and apologetics that inform every class you’ll take. Here’s something that might surprise you:

SES provides a truly outstanding academic experience that equips men and women for ministry at one of the lowest tuition rates you’ll find anywhere.


$ 345 p/Credit Hour*
  • Liberty U – $455 + Fees
  • BIOLA – $604 + Fees
  • Houston Baptist – $425 + Fees


$ 475 p/Credit Hour*
  • Liberty U – $615 + Fees
  • BIOLA – $667 + Fees
  • Houston Baptist – $585 + Fees


$ 600 p/Credit Hour*
  • Liberty U – $395 + Fees
  • BIOLA – $1,232 + Fees
  • Houston Baptist – $635 + Fees

Dual Enrollment

$200 p/credit hour + one flat $250 Technology & Service fee p/semester

Audit & Continuing Education

A flat rate of $200 p/course


Financial Aid & Discounts

From the very beginning, one of the foundational commitments at SES has been encouraging our students to graduate without debt. There are many burdens you will face in ministry, and we don’t want staggering loan payments to be one of them. 

The reality is that some of our students can’t afford to pay for tuition as they go and do end up taking out private loans or securing some assistance to pay for their degree. However, SES is firmly committed to not accepting FAFSA applications or federal loans. We are committed to teaching what’s true and biblically sound at SES and our stance on federal loans minimizes governmental oversight and interference in our academic curriculum. 

Some students elect to take a little longer to complete their degree so they can pay as they go. For students where that truly isn’t possible, we can help you understand your best options for securing affordable private loans with low-interest rates. That last part is so critical. Even though our degrees cost significantly less than comparable institutions, the interest you could pay on loans over the course of repayment can be significant. 

Once again, this is a highly personalized aspect of how we come alongside, serve, and support our students. We’ve made all kinds of plans for all kinds of financial scenarios. And the reality is this: if God is calling you to ministry, God is also planning to provide for your education and equipment to do that work. Let’s have a conversation about your situation.

Rather than a traditional scholarship model, SES offers a number of discounts for ministry partners, military, first-responders, and more. Discounts are also available for international studentsContact Admissions for more details.

Not only do we offer them, but this has become one of the most valuable logistical supports we offer our students. In recent years, we recognized and have responded to the changing financial needs of prospective students like you. In fact, certificate students can take advantage of our Smart Tuition Payment Plan and earn a FREE course in the process!

What we want you to know is that we are committed to working with you and your financial realities to make a plan for your education and tuition payments. We’re flexible, thoroughly committed to a gracious approach and posture in these matters, and don’t want finances to feel like a barrier to you getting the training and degree you need for ministry and evangelism. Contact us for more information.

Reinstatement Fee
A Reinstatement Fee of $25 applies to students who have officially withdrawn from studies for more than one year, and wish to be reinstated.

Graduation Fee
A Graduation Fee of $50 must accompany any Candidacy for a Degree form. This fee is non-refundable and is required before a student will be presented as a degree candidate.

Late Fee
A Late Fee of $25 will be assessed per month for any delinquent account.

Semester OnCampus/Streaming/Online Courses
A full refund of tuition will be issued if you withdraw within the first week of classes. Courses dropped before the end of the second week receive a 50% tuition refund. Courses dropped before the end of the third week receive a 25% tuition refund. After the end of the third week no refunds will be offered.

Module On-Campus/Streaming Courses
A full refund for modules will be issued if you withdraw within the first 4 hours of the class. After that you will be issued a 50% refund until 8 hours of the class has gone by. After 8 hours of class time no refunds will be offered.

ATTENTION: Failure to attend class (either on campus, streaming, or online) does NOT constitute withdrawal. It is the student’s responsibility to complete the appropriate form for withdrawing from a course. Courses are officially withdrawn when a withdrawal form has been signed by the instructor and has been turned in to the Registrar’s Office. The Registrar will inform the Business Office of the refund allowed. Please allow four (4) weeks for a refund.


Ready to Apply Now?

We’re convinced that you won’t find a higher quality option for seminary or the apologetics training we offer with a more affordable price or flexible payment options. Take the next step in answering the call to ministry or furthering your education today and begin the application process. You can get started in minutes and we are here to help you if you have questions.

Apologetics-Focused Academics

Featured Academic Programs

Apologetics-Focus Undergraduate


SES offers a Bachelor of Arts in Religious Studies designed to prepare students for later graduate work in apologetics, philosophy, biblical studies, and more. Some hours can even be applied to M.A. studies.

Apologetics-Focus Graduate


In addition to apologetics degrees, several academically rigorous Masters degrees are available that provide students with integrated and in-depth studies that will prepare you for ministry or doctoral work.

Seminary education that prepares you.


A Doctor of Ministry in Apologetics (D.Min.) as well as a Doctor of Philosophy in Philosophy of Religion (Ph.D.) offer students opportunities to develop their own research and practical resources.

Do you have questions about tuition or a financial plan for your degree? Our admissions counselors would love to hear what’s on your mind, understand your priorities, answer your questions, or help you consider the best options for your situation. Email Admissions or call (704) 847-5600 x216.