Why Do You Believe

Southern Evangelical Seminary Offers Culturally Relevant Classes on ‘Ethics’ and ‘Problem of Evil’
SES Also Planning March 4 ‘Tactical Evangelism Seminar,’ Exploring Topics Such as ‘Basic Beliefs of Islam’ and ‘Why Are You a Christian?’...
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An Example of How to Use Apologetics in Your Sermon
When a pastor attempts to integrate apologetics into his sermons, many times  he is accused of being "too academic." If he attempts...
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Chaplain Dr. Barry Black at the National Prayer Breakfast
Listen to Dr. Reverend Black give his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast.  
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President Trump’s SCOTUS Pick
Evangelical Leader Dr. Richard Land Says Judge Neil Gorsuch Will Interpret Constitution Based on Founders’ Original Intent CHARLOTTE, N.C.—After President Donald Trump...
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Logical Fallacies 101: Slanting
You probably deal with this fallacy more than most types of fallacies in today’s social and digital media world. Slanting is when...
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