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10 Reasons Why I Rejected the Religion of Star Wars
Does the title sound exclusive and narrow-minded? What about this one: “Why I Rejected Religion and Instead Raised My Son on Star...
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Revised and Updated: Would Dr. King Have Marched for Marriage “Equality”?
Would Dr. King Have Marched for Marriage “Equality”? (Revised and Updated) “Today marks a victory for equality, perseverance and love.” - Apple...
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Southern Evangelical Seminary Celebrating 25 Years of Helping Christians Defend Their Faith
CHARLOTTE, N.C—This month, Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES, www.ses.edu) is celebrating 25 years of helping its students around the world more ably defend...
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Logical Fallacy #1 Equivocation: Who’s Equivocating?
If you are wondering why we are doing a logic series, I would recommend reading our introduction article “4 Ways Logic Can...
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4 Ways that Logic Improves Your Quality of Life.
In 2017 Southern Evangelical Seminary, will be using its blog to equip those on social media with training on the logical fallacies....
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