Why Do You Believe

12 Days of Apologetics
Enjoy 12  Reasons for the Truth of The Christmas Story.
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What Will a Trump Presidency Mean for the Protection of Life?
Evangelical Leader and SES President Dr. Richard Land: Sanctity of Life Was a Key Issue for Christian Voters CHARLOTTE, N.C.—Exit polls showed that...
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The Election Is Over: What Is an Evangelical Christian to Do?
The people have voted. The votes have been counted. Donald Trump has been elected as the nation's 45th president. And, once again,...
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What Will Trump Election Mean for SCOTUS?
Many issues drove voters to the polls for this divisive election, but one was significant, especially for Christian Evangelical voters—the selection of...
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Sincerely Thank Our Veterans
A small tear ran down his face. While sitting in a restaurant with my grandparents to celebrate my birthday, I asked my...
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