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Why is abandoning the rule of law so dangerous?
December 17, 2020 From the President's Desk
When the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia concluded in September 1787 and sent the Constitution to the various states for ratification, Benjamin Franklin...
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Beyond Online Education
December 12, 2020 From the President's Desk
One of the most pivotal and intriguing moments in human history took place in mid-15th century Germany.  I have always wondered what...
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After 2020 Election, Where Do We Go From Here?
November 24, 2020 From the President's Desk
What I feared would happen in the 2020 presidential election has happened, and no, I am not talking about whether Joe Biden...
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How Should Christians Disagree About Important Things?
November 16, 2020 From the President's Desk
This past week the Evangelical world has reverberated with a debate by two of Evangelicaldom’s most illustrious, influential, and popular theologians: John...
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2020 Election: Who is the Biggest Loser?
The election is now over – except it’s not over. Americans voted in record numbers, and yet many races are razor thin...
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