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Standing for Truth Amidst Ideological Chaos
Dear Friends, As many of you know by now, I am the newly elected president of Southern Evangelical Seminary and Bible College. ...
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Social Media and the Internet Sowing Racial Discontent
As racial and ethnic tensions become ever more tense, even some of the progressive left are now expressing deep concern about media’s...
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Southern Evangelical Seminary Names Judge Philip Ginn as New President
In a transition that is being described by Southern Evangelical Seminary as “divinely led,” the SES Board of Trustees has named Judge...
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Announcement from SES President Dr. Richard Land
Originally addressed to the SES Board of Trustees: As you know, in the ministry a call is a divine appointment for a season,...
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Why do many progressive public policy initiatives seem to hurt the poorest?
February 23, 2021 From the President's Desk
It would seem to be counter-intuitive to even ask this question since progressives assert that these are the very people they care...
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