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From Financial Services to Faith Shepherd
July 28, 2021 Real Stories
With a degree in accounting and a background in financial services, Stacey might not seem like the typical seminary student. In fact,...
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Father of Seven Graduates From SES
July 13, 2021 Real Stories
“I started seminary with no kids and graduated with seven.” Michael and his wife are biological parents to three, adoptive parents to...
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Rebellious Teen Enthralled by Nation of Islam Finds Truth
June 29, 2021 Real Stories
“In high school, I was fascinated by the Nation of Islam.” Sule moved with his family from Jamaica to Toronto when he...
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Never Too Old to Grow
June 15, 2021 Real Stories
Some people argue that seminary is the last place a person should go to get closer to God. Seminary just inflates the...
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“Captivated” by Apologetics and Passing It On
May 25, 2021 Real Stories
It started with a Sunday night Bible course on apologetics taught by Dr. Norm Geisler. “That really captivated me.” Christina was raising...
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