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Science Teacher: “There’s a Great Hunger for the Gospel”
January 3, 2021 Real Stories
Twenty years ago, Dan enrolled at SES as a relatively new Christian after gleaning from Dr. Norm Geisler’s “fountain of knowledge” on...
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This Isn’t Your Typical Sunday School Lesson
December 18, 2020 Real Stories
At 48 years old, Nora went to seminary. Her kids were grown, and she and her husband Duke had been teaching Sunday...
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Kenyan Alumna Sees Ripple Effect of Defending Faith
November 8, 2020 Real Stories
Growing up in Kenya, Cathy was surrounded by Muslim neighbors. As a child, she and a friend went in circles one day...
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Tackling Racism and the Bible
October 17, 2020 Real Stories
In a year of exploding racial tension, Harold is finding himself in more conversations about the very thing he studied for his...
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Doctor’s Life is Changed by Event with Answers
October 3, 2020 General
Over the past 26 years, the National Conference on Christian Apologetics (NCCA) has drawn hundreds of people from around the world. This...
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