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The Main Plot of the Bible
January 2, 2020 General
At usually over 1,000 pages long (depending on the translation and format), the Bible contains many details that can be confusing to...
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Cultural Relativity
December 4, 2019 General
In preparation for an upcoming class on the philosophy of hermeneutics, I was reviewing and updating my notes. One of the issues...
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Why I Am a Christian, Protestant, and Evangelical
November 11, 2019 General
Over time I have conversed with people holding different views on God, religion and Christianity. Regardless of my familiarity with a view,...
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Remembering Phillip E. Johnson
November 7, 2019 General
Tribute to Phillip E. Johnson By Dr. Richard D. Land A true spiritual giant and genuine hero of the Christian faith has...
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What About the Enneagram?
November 4, 2019 General
As the Enneagram spreads, there is a need for accurate information since it is not readily available and the information is conflicting....
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