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The Resurrection of Jesus: The Evidential Contribution of Luke-Acts
April 1, 2021 General
Any discussion of the evidence for the resurrection must first ascertain what the original apostolic witnesses claimed and whether those claims are...
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Is Christianity a Copycat Religion?
March 26, 2021 General
Is there any validity to the never-ending spiral of conspiracy theories that surround the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus every Easter?...
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The Absurdity of the Equality Act
March 11, 2021 General
What is the Equality Act, and how will it impact believers living out their Christian convictions? More importantly, what is equality and...
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The Apologetics Legacy of Norman Geisler
March 4, 2021 General
SES co-founder, Dr. Norman Geisler, is essentially the grandfather of the revitalization of classical apologetics. In this episode we discuss his legacy...
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All We Need Is Love, But What Is It?
February 18, 2021 General
Happy late Valentine's Day, the day of the year where everyone focuses on "love." But do we really understand what love is?...
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