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Two Reasons Christians Should Be Passionate About Politics
November 25, 2020 Alumni Series
I confess, I have never been interested in political life. All of that changed for me this year. I will be the...
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The Importance of Critical Thinking
August 31, 2020 Alumni Series
As a Christian apologist, it is easy to take for granted the understanding that when we impart information to others, they clearly...
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Thomism and the Problem of Animal Suffering
August 10, 2020 Alumni Series
The problem of animal suffering has been championed by atheists at least as far back as the time of Charles Darwin, and...
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Battling a Disease More Infectious & Deadly Than COVID-19
May 27, 2020 Alumni Series
As hundreds of thousands of people battle COVID-19 following thousands of deaths, lockdowns, and much fear, the world eagerly awaits a proven...
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Towing the Party Line
January 26, 2018 Alumni Series
There is no question that everyone wants peace in our world and some will go to great lengths to avoid conflict in...
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