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Five New Year’s Resolutions to Help Reverse Error in the Church
December 31, 2020 From the Faculty
Every two years Ligonier Ministries and LifeWay Research partner to survey the state of theology among church-going American adults. These are not...
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Have Researchers Developed a Computer Algorithm that Explains the Origin of Life?
November 19, 2020 From the Faculty
As a chemistry major at West Virginia State College during the early 1980s, I was required to take a library course on...
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Five Reasons Abortion is Murder: The Killing of an Innocent Human Being
October 28, 2020 From the Faculty
For whatever reason, I missed taking an ethics class in college. My speech class came with a list of topics we could...
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Divine Impassibility: God As Our Unaffected Fortress
October 22, 2020 From the Faculty
Several of my previous blogs have dealt with divine simplicity and some objections to the doctrine. As I have written, it is...
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Three Reasons Believers Should Attend This Annual Apologetics Event
October 7, 2020 From the Faculty
I am sorry I missed the first one. For 27 years, Southern Evangelical Seminary has held an annual National Conference on Christian...
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