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What Philosophy Is, and Why You Can’t Avoid It
January 15, 2020 From the Faculty
Many Christians believe that philosophy is a pagan discipline that is practiced either by ivory tower professors or Starbucks hippies.This belief has...
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Five Truths the Church Needs Today to Engage People’s Questions
January 8, 2020 From the Faculty
An alarming study shows that “Nearly half of young adults with ties to Christianity say church can’t answer their questions” The study...
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How Do We Know Christmas Is Not Pagan?
December 30, 2019 From the Faculty
IS CHRISTMAS PAGAN? Every December we find the same claims circulating the internet. Critics say we shouldn’t celebrate Christmas for one reason...
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Why God Is Not In Time
December 18, 2019 From the Faculty
Is God in time? This is a popular question. Does it matter? What does it mean for God to be in time...
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Five Reasons Christianity Did Not Copy Mystery Religions
December 11, 2019 From the Faculty
It may come as a shock to hear some who say Christianity borrows the beliefs of ancient mystery religions. Was the story...
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