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Apologetics Training is a Necessity in Today's Post-Christian Culture

Foundational claims about the nature of truth, the existence of God, and the goodness of Christianity are in question and under fire. It’s happening in our colleges and universities, over social media channels, in the endless comment-section arguments, and in conversations of eternal significance. More than ever, apologetics-focused training that integrates classical philosophy and theology is essential for personal or full-time ministry. That is part of what we have always provided at Southern Evangelical Seminary, and it fuels our 36-hour Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics (M.A.C.A.). It’s also why SES is consistently ranked as one of the best apologetics programs in the country. Whether you’re pursuing full-time vocational leadership or personal ministry growth, this program is designed to provide a path for your success.

A Degree in Less Than Two Years

You could complete this master’s program in less than two years of full-time study and be equipped for service in a parachurch ministry, ordination in some denominations, or a wide array of personal ministry applications. Serve in your church. Lead outreach efforts in your community. Be equipped for missions. Or simply be more prepared to train your children. There are so many possibilities.

Personal Ministry

Transition to the 60-Hour M.A.

Or, you could roll your work from this degree into our seminary-level 60-hour Master of Arts in Christian Apologetics and Theology degree and open even more opportunities beyond graduation, such as our Doctor of Ministry program. You won’t lose any ground to start in the M.A.C.A. and you can make a seamless transfer to the M.A. in Christian Apologetics and Theology at any point in your studies.

Our M.A. in Christian Apologetics is ideal for those wanting to focus on the core apologetics courses while preparing for a variety of ministry opportunities such as:

In the M.A. in Christian Apologetics Program, You Will:

Why Should You Seriously Consider Studying at SES?

You almost certainly have at least some basic — and perhaps even advanced — knowledge of Christian apologetics. Many new students at SES have studied books like Tactics by Gregory Koukl, Lewis' Mere Christianity, or I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist by SES alum Frank Turek and SES co-founder Norman Geisler. These are all very helpful resources, but perhaps you have reached that point in your self-guided research where you hit a wall or find yourself out of your depth.

Apologetics, theology, and even Bible study will never reach their potential without being grounded in sound philosophy. It's not a matter of whether you're doing philosophy. It's a matter of whether you're doing it well or poorly. You can be a good philosopher without being a good apologist or theologian, but it does not work the other way around! Giving you the philosophical foundation you need for both theology and apologetics is just one of the ways that a degree or certificate from SES will serve you well.

SES Integrated Approach Infographic

Your Academic Experience at SES

We aren’t catching up with the online education trend — SES has been breaking ground and pioneering an immersive digital campus experience for years. As a student, you'll enjoy a flexible, compelling, connected, environment for your studies. All of the easy-to-use technology you’ll need to thrive in seminary is housed in one place and accessed through a single, secure log-in.

Collaborate with your peers through our integrated approach

Interact with world-class professors during many live-streamed classes

Conduct research in one of the most expansive theological libraries ever created

(With our membership as a supporting sponsor of the Digital Theological Library)

"Self-taught study in theology, philosophy, and apologetics, while usually better than no study at all, lacks focused training and an overarching structure that combines theory and practice in order to impact the breadth and depth of your ministry. It may produce knowledge, but self-study usually never rises to the proper level of insight, understanding, and wisdom in the practice of these disciplines."

Dr. Doug Potter


Learn from World-Class Faculty

At SES, you will have the opportunity to study under some of the best Christian thinkers in the world. Many of our professors studied under SES co-founder Dr. Norman Geisler, while others have their own distinguished educational linage. Each of them bring their unique areas of expertise to the classroom as well as a genuine desire to see their students grow, not only intellectually, but in spiritual maturity as well. Here are just some of the professors from whom you’ll be learning:

Provost, Professor of Philosophy & Apologetics, Norman L. Geisler Chair of Christian Apologetics

Director of SES Ph.D. Program, Associate Professor of Philosophy & Theology

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Courses of Interest in the M.A. in Christian Apologetics

Theology Proper and Creation

This course is always impactful and formational — even for students with considerable apologetics training. You will dive into a more sophisticated understanding of core doctrines such as God’s triune nature and other attributes before turning your attention to how we understand and explain God’s creation of the world, angels, human beings, and His relation to His Creation.

Classical Philosophy

Much of the Church today has neglected or rejected classical philosophical foundations from thinkers such as Thomas Aquinas, but they are essential for sound theology and effective apologetics in contemporary discourse. In this course, you will find your footing with philosophical views of reality, objective goodness, and more which will directly impact your ministry with unbelievers and skeptics.

Christian Apologetic Systems

What do we mean when we talk about “apologetics?” Many in ministry today do not understand the various ways Christians have approached apologetics, which can lead to confusion or an insufficient set of tools to engage all the diverse opposition to the Gospel you will encounter. Through this survey course you will cultivate your understanding of classical and contemporary apologetic approaches.

Full Course Listing

SM501 Writing & Research Skills (3)

AP501 Intro to Christian Apologetics or APe (3)
AP503 Logic (3)
AP511 Christian Apologetic Systems (3)
AP512 Ethics (3)
AP518 Resurrection of Jesus (3)

PH501 Classical Philosophy (3)
PH601 Philosophy of Religion (3)

BS501 Biblical Backgrounds & Criticism (3)

ST501 Prolegomena & Bibliology (3)
ST502 Theology Proper & Creation (3)
ST503 Hamartiology & Soteriology (3)
ST504 Pneumatology, Ecclesiology, & Eschatology (3)


  • Have earned a bachelors degree from an institution
    accredited by an accrediting agency recognized by the Council on Higher Education Accreditation, the United
    States Department of Education, or the equivalent (as assessed by SES)
  • GPA of 2.5 or above for their undergraduate program

If one does not meet the undergraduate GPA requirement, he may be granted a Provisional Admission. This requires
that the student maintain a 2.5 or higher GPA on the first semester of work at SES in order to be granted full admission.

Contact the Admissions Department with any specific questions you may have.

A Valuable Degree with Exceptionally Affordable Tuition

Prospective students are almost always surprised to learn how affordable we keep our degree programs at Southern Evangelical Seminary.

You need effective training for ministry — not a crippling load of student loan debt. The value of a degree here pays off through your entire career and truly has an eternal value as well.

As a result, we're delighted to tell you that you'll have a very difficult time finding a better tuition rate than what we offer at SES: $475 per credit hour.


per credit hour


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Start the admission process today. You can begin in just a few minutes by filling out our initial application and it will open the door for us to have an exploratory conversation about your educational priorities and hopes for ministry. We have an entire team at SES who is ready to help you in the process of discerning your gifts and calling to ministry so you can engage our culture in the conversations that matter the most.

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