What Will Trump Election Mean for SCOTUS?

Many issues drove voters to the polls for this divisive election, but one was significant, especially for Christian Evangelical voters—the selection of the nation’s next Supreme Court Justices.

Evangelical leader Dr. Richard Land closely followed the election, writing several columns for The Christian Post, where he serves as executive editor. And he relayed to voters the power the next president would have in appointing one, two or more justices to the bench—justices who would chart the course for Americans’ children and grandchildren, perhaps for at least the next 30 years.

Land, who also serves as president of Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES, www.ses.edu), addressed the Supreme Court issue in a recent “Bringing Every Thought Captive” radio feature.

“I recently opened my USA Today, and across the top fold was the headline, ‘Court at Brink of Transformation: Next President’s Actions Could Bring on Monumental Shift,’” Land said. “That’s true, and I am glad USA Today understood that fact. Here is what they said, ‘The Supreme Court stands at the threshold of an ideological transformation unmatched in nearly a half century. Not since 1968 has a presidential election carried such momentous implications for the nation’s highest court, divided down the middle after the death of the conservative Antony Scalia.’ For those concerned about the future of the Supreme Court, it was a very, very clear choice. What kind of a Supreme Court do we want for our children and your grandchildren? That is what was at stake in this election. It was up to us, and Christian conservative voters answered.”

Land added that Trump’s Cabinet choices will also be significant for policies that affect the faithful. He also has an early “wish list” in mind for these Cabinet members.

Throughout the election season, Land served as a member of Trump’s executive, non-endorsing board to provide advisory support on moral issues. Plans are under way for the board to continue throughout Trump’s presidency.

To interview Dr. Richard Land, contact [email protected], or Deborah Hamilton, 215-815-7716 or 610-584-1096, ext. 102.





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