Is this ‘Clinton’ Justice?

By Dr. Richard Land, Official_Headshot_1_small_Nov_2010

One disadvantage of being born the same year as former President Bill Clinton (1946) is that I have been forced to be an eye-witness to Bill and Hillary Clinton’s corruption of the American body politic. They corrupt and corrode everything they touch. They always behave as if they are above the law, starting with his lying to dodge the draft during the Vietnam War. Laws are for the “little people,” not Bill and Hillary.

And the announcement last Tuesday by FBI Director James Comey, that in spite of a withering description of Hillary’s having broken the law, lied to the American people on multiple occasions, treated the nation’s treasured secrets with casual contempt, and thus endangered the nation’s security, he was not recommending that she be charged with a crime. Incredible!

This remarkable performance by FBI Director Comey seems to illustrate that the Clintons are right. They are above the law. There is the criminal justice system for the rest of us, and there is the Clinton justice system for these two legal buccaneers.

And then, just a few hours later, President Obama declares, “There has never been any man or woman more qualified for this office than Hillary Clinton.” By what standard Mr. President?

Frankly, as House Speaker Paul Ryan pointed out, the Director of National Intelligence should block Hillary’s access to classified materials as a presidential candidate. No credible person having taken an oath to defend our country against all enemies, foreign and domestic, could in good conscience entrust the nation’s secrets to Mrs. Clinton’s safe keeping. If the American people choose to do so in November, that is their prerogative. Until then she and her legion of aides-accomplices should be denied security clearance in any and all circumstances.

In 1966 two-thirds of Americans trusted their government. Today one in five do. I shudder to think how low it will go after this fiasco.





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