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Aquinas on Existence and the Essence/Existence Distinction
July 24, 2021 From the Faculty
The following is an excerpt from a longer paper presented by SES Provost Dr. Richard G. Howe at a post meeting of...
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What Does This Verse Mean to You? Some Thoughts on Understanding the Bible
July 17, 2021 From the Faculty
In our recent live-stream about truth, we demonstrated how properly understanding the nature of truth and recognizing that truth about reality is...
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Father of Seven Graduates From SES
July 13, 2021 Real Stories
“I started seminary with no kids and graduated with seven.” Michael and his wife are biological parents to three, adoptive parents to...
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A Response to William Lane Craig and James White Regarding Divine Simplicity
July 5, 2021 From the Faculty
Recently William Lane Craig posted about divine simplicity on his website. Adam Tucker of Southern Evangelical Seminary and I published a podcast in...
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Rebellious Teen Enthralled by Nation of Islam Finds Truth
June 29, 2021 Real Stories
“In high school, I was fascinated by the Nation of Islam.” Sule moved with his family from Jamaica to Toronto when he...
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