Silenced No More: How To Keep Your Children From Being Silenced Into Submission

kathyrn camp
Kathryn Camp is a graduate of Southern Evangelical Seminary.

By Kathryn Camp,

I am honored and excited to be speaking at the  National Conference on Christian Apologetics (NCCA). In addition to speaking at the NCCA, I will also be speaking at the Women’s only portion of the event.  I am a graduate of Southern Evangelical Seminary where I earned my Doctorate of Ministry in Apologetics. I am also an adjunct professor at Wave Leadership College in Virginia Beach, Virginia where I teach Systematic Theology.

It was about a decade ago when I began to realize that not all children are safe at a “safe” school. Not all children are included in a school that enforces “inclusion.” I found that there is an ongoing war on campuses across the country. I am not just referring to college campuses, but also middle schools and high schools, both public and private; “Christian” and secular. It is difficult enough to go through adolescence, but our children to have to face constant subtle, explicit, and devastating ridicule of their faith.

The children from Christ-centered families are affected the most by the conflicting messages that they hear at school versus what they are learning at their youth groups and church. Yet, they are at the mercy of the educators and administrators of the school who hold their future in their hands. Most young people do not know how to respond to class discussions on pre-marital sex, gay marriage, or abortion and “women’s rights.” I realized the danger that our future Christian leaders are in and began to find that children are sent off to college with very little critical reasoning skills, which leaves them prey for their professors.

My lecture will discuss how to prepare not only yourself, but also your family to respond to the blatant inequality that you and your family face on a daily basis. How do you keep things in perspective when you are bombarded with secular messages? What is the best way to respond to negative comments about God’s absolute Truth? Come and be equipped to speak up and defend the Truth in the face of adversity.

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