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Standing for Truth Amidst Ideological Chaos

Dear Friends,

As many of you know by now, I am the newly elected president of Southern Evangelical Seminary and Bible College.  As such, I wanted to communicate to you as soon as possible four very important matters.

The first thing is that SES will remain true to her calling and will stand firm on the truth of God’s Word as inerrant and infallible.  Rest assured that our mission to equip students to proclaim, engage, and defend our faith has not changed and will not change.  That is our promise to you and to those who have gone before us.  The spirit of Norman Geisler and Ross Rhoads and their dedication to Christ and to evangelism and apologetics is alive and well here at SES! Though our current culture is easily swayed by subjective thought and moral relativism, SES is committed to standing firm on the truth of God’s Word.

Secondly, I want to share with you some great news. SES is experiencing significant gains in our student body. In fact, our summer enrollment could even be characterized as a “surge.”  I firmly believe that this wonderful increase is due to the fact that we are remaining steadfast in our stand against culturally popular, but biblically wrong ideas in the public square.  Not only that, but we are proclaiming cogent and timely information to our students that will greatly improve their ability to engage a culture that is growing increasingly corrupted by wrong ideas. I have included some information about several of our students, which I hope that you will take the time to read and will be inspired by their stories.  These are just a few of our students, and there are many, many more who have come to SES and have been prepared to take a bold step toward transforming their lives and ministries to the Glory of God.

The third thing that I want to say to you is how much we at SES appreciate your continued prayers and support.  We know that many people are praying for us all around the world because we see evidence of answered prayers every day in the lives of our faculty, staff, and students, and in the vibrancy of serving God’s Kingdom here at SES.  Rest assured that every prayer raised, every good word spoken, and every gift given is greatly appreciated and needed.

Finally, I also need you to know that SES depends to a great extent on your financial support to do the work that has been given to us.  We have deliberately decided to keep our individual student costs low because many of our students simply can’t afford to pay a large amount of money for their education.  In addition, we have committed to not accepting any government money that in any way might diminish our witness for the Lord.  All of this means that we are dependent upon monetary gifts from folks just like you to provide for the needs of SES.  The Lord is providing laborers for the harvest here at SES particularly through the increased enrollment.  Won’t you stand with us now and with our students as we reach the end of our fiscal year by sending your gift to help prepare the next generation of leaders to share Christ and His truth to our nation and beyond.

Thank you for your dedication and support to SES and to the Kingdom.

Solo Fide,

Judge Phil Ginn, D.Min., President





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