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Science Teacher: “There’s a Great Hunger for the Gospel”

Real Stories #13

Twenty years ago, Dan enrolled at SES as a relatively new Christian after gleaning from Dr. Norm Geisler’s “fountain of knowledge” on the Bible Answer Man program.

Around the same time, Dan left his corporate job as vice president of engineering and started teaching high school science while pursuing his master’s from SES.

With degrees in mechanical and electrical engineering already under his belt, he was going back to school at the same time as his students.

“Given my science background, I was always looking for the rationale,” he said.

Two decades later, he’s still teaching at a Christian school—including classes in physics, philosophy and apologetics—using his SES background. The students are impressionable and often return to him years later to share how they’re applying what they learned.

One of his favorite teachable moments: Telling a class he’s giving a certain number of students 20 extra points on their test. That’s not fair, the rest of the class will argue.

Thus begins a lesson on morality.

Dan has also welcomed international students into his classroom, many who are unfamiliar with Christianity.

“The mission field is coming to me,” he said.

They’re introduced to rational arguments for the faith, and many have become Christians.

After graduating, Dan wrote Earth to Eternity, a free e-book challenging atheism and evolution, and providing evidence for the Gospel.

“I wrote that with my SES education,” he said.

After so much research solidifying the logical, historical and philosophical evidence for Scripture, he added, “it spurs you onto evangelism.”

Tens of thousands have downloaded the e-book on his website. It’s been translated into Hindi as well.

“There’s a great hunger for the Gospel,” he said, and not just among non-Christians.

Dan serves as an associate pastor in Connecticut.

“The apologetics, I can’t get it out of my sermons. And the people love it.”

For science-minded students and adults like him, Dan entertains conversations about creation and the reliability of the Bible. Those are two areas that helped lead him to Christ years ago.

On the truth of Scripture, he points to Messianic prophecies and the remarkable, single story that emerges from 40 authors over 1,500 years.

“How could the plot of human history be worked out so that all these pieces are revealed and they all make sense in the bigger whole and you have this unity of the Bible? There is obviously a composer, an author of the Bible that is divine, because no human author lived long enough to put all the pieces together and make it all fit.”

Give Them Evidence

“For those who have an open mind, there is more than enough evidence for Christianity,” Dan said.

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