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Brief Thoughts from Dr. Frank Turek on Why He Supports SES

You might ask yourself, “Why should I support Southern Evangelical Seminary?” I believe the purpose of life is to know God and to make Him known to others. Jesus said, “This is eternal life, that they may know you the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent” (John 17:3). That is the reason you should give your support to SES. They train students to not only know God intellectually — perhaps better than at any other place they can go — but also to know Him relationally, to know Him personally, and then to be able to share Him with others.

When I look back at my ministry, I find that I can trace many, if not all, of the relationships back to those that began here at Southern Evangelical Seminary — professors like Dr. Norman Geisler, Dr. Tom Howe, and Dr. Richard Howe, and colleagues like Ravi Zacharias, Andy Stanley, John Lennox, and Josh McDowell. SES is the place where students learn and experience all this. As Dr. Geisler has often said, SES’s goal is “to train trainers, teach teachers, and disciple disciples, so the cycle never ends.”

This is why I recommend students to go to SES, and this is why my wife and I give SES our financial support. In order to encourage others to give sacrificially, a very generous donor has come forward with a matching gift challenge of $100,000. Every dollar that you give will be matched. That means you can double your impact by making a gift of any amount.

Will you please join us by making a gift today? With the resources of the brand new campus and the generous matching gift, there can be no more strategic time than now to stand for effective evangelism through apologetics.

Dr. Frank Turek

SES Alum & Adjunct Professor, President of CrossExamined.org





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