When Early Christians Walked the Earth

del potter
Del is an SES student pursuing an M.A. Apologetics Degree.

Hi, my name is Del Potter and I am set to graduate this coming spring with an MA degree in Christian Apologetics at Southern Evangelical Seminary. The title of my presentation at this year’s National Conference on Christian Apologetics is:


When Early Christians Walked the Earth.   

Have you ever wondered if early Christians walked the earth today, would they greet us by the title Christian? Would they feel comfortable attending objectively any “Christian” Church? Would they agree or disagree with those who say they are a part of the Body of Christ and yet are supportive of evolution, sodomy, and abortion?

The first Christians had available to them mostly the Old Testament and a few sparse epistles being circulated at the time. Yet, they possessed great confidence, and had more faith to evangelize to a hostile pagan world, even to the point of death. What were the key components that compelled them to come together as believers of one Body that had all things in common (Acts 2:44)? Who were these bold and courageous individuals? What can we learn about these early believers that is worth passing on to the next generation? Here are but just a few compelling reasons (I will get into the specifics during the presentation).   

1. Proximity to the historical events: they had special, close ties to the apostles and to their original inspired documents.

2. Their unity: the first 3 centuries Christians were united universally in common belief (Acts 2:44).

3. The significant impact they had on their world: early believers literally believed they were the “salt of the earth” who could make a difference (Matt. 5:13).Del's Cover Photo

Through this study, we will glean from their use of offensive plays (Scripture verses) and their bold stances that will help aide us in our defense of the faith today. In the words of Justin Martyr: “We don’t speak great things; we live them!” Indeed, a good offense makes for a great defense that never rests.

Further questions or to stay in touch, contact me on twitter @delology and on LinkedIn Blessings 2U!





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