Tag: Trusting the Government

Social Media and the Internet Sowing Racial Discontent
As racial and ethnic tensions become ever more tense, even some of the progressive left are now expressing deep concern about media’s...
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Southern Evangelical Seminary Names Judge Philip Ginn as New President
In a transition that is being described by Southern Evangelical Seminary as “divinely led,” the SES Board of Trustees has named Judge...
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How Can We Describe the Indescribable God?
April 15, 2021 General
Mortimer Adler said, “More consequences for thought and action follow the affirmation or denial of God than from answering any other basic...
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Orthopedic Surgeon: “I Knew There Were Answers”
April 13, 2021 Real Stories
David laughs when asked what years he attended SES. As a full-time orthopedic surgeon, he spent 12 years earning his master's in...
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The Resurrection of Jesus: The Evidential Contribution of Luke-Acts
April 1, 2021 General
Any discussion of the evidence for the resurrection must first ascertain what the original apostolic witnesses claimed and whether those claims are...
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