What Will Trump Election Mean for SCOTUS?

Many issues drove voters to the polls for this divisive election, but one was significant, especially for Christian Evangelical voters—the selection of the nation’s next Supreme Court Justices. Evangelical leader Dr. Richard Land closely followed the election, writing several columns for The Christian Post, where he serves as executive editor. And he relayed to voters […]

Why So Many Calvinists in the ‘Never Trump Movement’?

A few weeks ago a Roman Catholic colleague who is a conservative political scientist and economist asked me a thoughtful and unexpected question. “Richard,” he said, “Why is it that such a high percentage of the Evangelical ‘Never Trumpers’ are Calvinists?” I hadn’t thought about it exactly that way. After reflecting on the question, here […]

How Is Trump’s Moral Advisory Board Advising Him?

Back in June, when summer was just beginning, Donald Trump’s campaign announced an executive board to provide advisory support to the presidential hopeful on the issues important to Evangelicals and other people of faith in America. Now that fall is in full swing, what insight has the non-endorsing advisory board provided to Mr. Trump? One […]

Is the Violence at Trump Events a Threat to Religious Freedom?

By Dr. Richard Land, As Christians, as people of faith, we should understand in our bone marrow that the violence at the Trump events threatens free speech in America. Furthermore we must warn that free speech is the trusted and treasured friend and guardian of religious freedom and soul liberty. Over the past few days, […]