Apologetics in the Heavy Truck Business

When you think of someone earning a doctorate at a seminary, what comes to mind? A pastor maybe? Or a missionary? Tom does have experience in the mission field, but largely uses his SES degree at work—as a business development manager in the heavy truck industry. His role covers two-thirds of the U.S. “It’s yielded […]

The Soccer Field Is Her Mission Field

“It’s almost impossible in our day and age to evangelize without apologetics. You have to give people reasons to consider the message of the Bible.” Like many who share their faith, Ester doesn’t feel like some great apologist. But it’s in her conversations with people on the soccer field, in a coffee shop or even […]

Science Teacher: “There’s a Great Hunger for the Gospel”

Twenty years ago, Dan enrolled at SES as a relatively new Christian after gleaning from Dr. Norm Geisler’s “fountain of knowledge” on the Bible Answer Man program. Around the same time, Dan left his corporate job as vice president of engineering and started teaching high school science while pursuing his master’s from SES. With degrees […]

22-Year-Old in New Zealand Determined to Answer Tough Questions

Sean studied sports science in undergrad, but changed course when the late Christian apologist Nabeel Qureshi died in 2017. Sean says Nabeel had “a massive impact” on him at the end of high school and prompted him to pursue Christian ministry. The 22-year-old from Auckland, New Zealand, started working on his Master of Arts in […]

Missionary Examines the Why Behind His Beliefs

Jonathan and his wife spent nearly three years as missionaries in China. While there, they met once a week at a coffee shop to have conversations with locals who wanted to learn English. “They were very interested in Christianity. They had lots of questions about God.” Looking back, Jonathan sees how helpful apologetics would have […]

Indiana Jones and the Honorary Doctorate

“Here at SES we see him as our Indiana Jones.” Dr. Richard Land, President of Southern Evangelical Seminary, is speaking about John Freyler. “Freyler’s father, John Sr., and mother, Bobbie Freyler, came to SES to volunteer for ‘a few weeks’ in 2002, and that stretched into over 18 years of commitment to the mission of […]