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Never Too Old to Grow
June 15, 2021 Real Stories
Some people argue that seminary is the last place a person should go to get closer to God. Seminary just inflates the...
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Challenging Dan Barker’s Brand of Atheism
June 11, 2021 General
Ex-preacher turned atheist Dan Barker has quipped, “Faith is a cop-out.” Portraying religious faith as inherently irrational, Barker has traveled the globe...
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Standing for Truth Amidst Ideological Chaos
Dear Friends, As many of you know by now, I am the newly elected president of Southern Evangelical Seminary and Bible College. ...
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“Captivated” by Apologetics and Passing It On
May 25, 2021 Real Stories
It started with a Sunday night Bible course on apologetics taught by Dr. Norm Geisler. “That really captivated me.” Christina was raising...
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Examining William Lane Craig’s Views on the Nature of God
May 22, 2021 General
Classical theism is a theology of God emphasizing His simplicity. The term classical here means grounded along the contours and categories of...
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