Steadfast in the Truth

Thank you. Your prayers, your engagement, and your support over the past year have enabled Southern Evangelical Seminary to be steadfast in standing for truth and the “good news” in a darkening world.

We don’t need to give examples of the headlines. They are everywhere, every day. Our families, our communities, and our very society are eroding before our eyes. But when the rains came, the house that was built on the Rock withstood the storm.

The Hebrew word aman means to be firmly established. It means to be faithful and true. Our promise to you is that SES will always stay steadfast in the truth regardless of the consequences. SES exists to proclaim the truth that brings hope. Hope that is desperately needed right now.

What does steadfast look like in concrete, practical terms?

• Faithful to the truth. Our knowledge of the truth is firmly established through our integrated approach to philosophy, theology, and apologetics, and we will not capitulate to liberal theology, erosion of biblical inerrancy, or woke ideology. SES will continue to stand as an immovable lighthouse to the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

• No government funding. We have pledged not to take any government funding to carry out operations in order to avoid any strings of attachment that could threaten the integrity of our mission.

Not relying on government funding makes SES acutely reliant on generous donors like you. So, again, thank you. With your help, our overall enrollment has increased by 25% over the last two years resulting in more students equipped to remain steadfast in the truth. All over the world, our students are being given an apologetics-focused Christian education to help them proclaim and defend the truth and goodness of the Gospel.

In troubled times, however, some donors falter because they fear the potential blow-back of supporting an organization taking a strong and public stand.

Therefore, we’re asking those of you who love us and have pledged yourself to our mission to rally around us. We ask you to help us run strong into an increasingly hostile future. We ask you to help us continue producing every-day believers with discipled character and solid training that enables them, too, to stand on the Rock.

We’ve promised to be steadfast in the truth; will you be steadfast with us? God intends us to stand together (1 Corinthians 1:10), and together, we can support and encourage each other. We can help each other stay strong – strong and shining amid the wind and rain.

Southern Evangelical Seminary must and will continue to be a bright light of Christian love and solid truth to the world. So, we’re asking you to help meet this urgent need.

What can your gift today provide?

$10,000 would send a student through a complete graduate-level degree program

$5,000 would send a student through a certificate program

$4,000 would help a veteran student stay at SES for a year

$1,000 would provide a grant for a student to complete a graduate-level course in apologetics

$500 would provide a grant for a student overseas to train in evangelism

We have stepped out in faith because the need is so great, and we are asking you to stand with us in this great call with a gift today by clicking here.

Solo Fide,

Judge Phil Ginn, D.Min.

SES President





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