Soviet Style Thought Control in Texas

By Dr. Richard Land,

Today I am going to share a story with you that you may have difficulty believing. Incredibly it happened at the University of Houston, a State University funded by the people of Texas.

A young woman, serving as a vice president of the school’s student government association, was suspended for 50 days without pay (the pay for that position is $700 a month) required to attend a three day diversity workshop in mid-August, required to attend three U of H cultural events each month from September through March, ordered to write a letter of reflection about how her harmful actions have impacted the SGA’s and the U of H student body, and order to put on a public presentation detailing the knowledge she has gained about cultural issues facing our society. What monstrous thing did this U of H coed and SGA vice president do or say?

Freedom of speech press opinion expression censorship censored megaphone

In the wake of the cold blooded killing of five police officers in Dallas, this young student went on Facebook and said, “Forget #BlackLivesMatter. More like All Lives Matter.” Now she didn’t say black lives don’t matter, but that all lives matter. This is denial of free speech, and it smacks of communist or fascist thought control and brainwashing.

The University of Houston administration, faculty, and student body should be ashamed of their un-American behavior and their despicable treatment of this student exercising her God given and Constitutionally protected right of freedom of speech. Dr. King would be appalled. We all should be.

By the way, the governor of Texas and the Texas State legislature ought to have a very long and pointed conversation with the University of Houston’s administration, letting them know in no uncertain terms that they do not intend to fund this kind of thought control and brainwashing with the people’s tax money.

This story was also covered by the Washington Post, with the title: Student body vice president writes a ‘forget Black Lives Matter’ post, and a university erupts.





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