Southern Evangelical Seminary President Warns Against ‘Erosion of the Protection of Religious Freedom’ in Joe Biden’s America

by Judge Phil Ginn

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — During a recent Senate Judiciary Committee, Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, accused Attorney General Merrick Garland of politicizing the Justice Department and prosecuting pro-life groups and conservatives more aggressively than liberals. Referencing the mass protests outside the homes of conservative Supreme Court justices after the Dobbs v. Jackson decision and the failure to prosecute attacks on pro-life groups, Cruz and other conservative senators demanded explicit answers from Garland, to no avail. Garland’s weak responses to these direct accusations have convinced many that the Department of Justice is operating on an overt political agenda.

Judge Phil Ginn, president of Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES,, commented on Garland’s lackluster responses, arguing that Garland’s failure to dedicate more resources to protect conversative interests points to a future where religious liberty might come under direct persecution.


“Regardless of how innocuous or unimportant most people thought it to be, the questioning of Merrick Garland (U. S Attorney General and head of the Department of Justice) by members of the U. S. Senate should have been front and center in the minds of those who are concerned about the role of government in the lives of its citizenry,” said Ginn. “These transactions are important not only for Christians and conservatives but for all freedom loving Americans.

In light of political and religious persecution, Judge Phil Ginn urges Christians to ‘obey God rather than any human authority’

“Attorney General Garland was questioned by various senators about the importance of fairness in applying the criminal laws to various factions in our country. The underlying theme of the verbal examination was simply that the laws of the United States were being administered in a biased way based on political affiliation and/or position on the conservative-liberal spectrum. Specifically, Republican members of the Senate were venturing to show that pro-life folks, conservatives, and supporters of former President Trump are being singled out for unwarranted prosecution when radical leftists, abortion supporters, and Hunter Biden receive a pass.


“Obviously, the side of the political spectrum on which you reside will have a lot to do with whether you agree or disagree with the claim of discrimination. But the reality is that each and every freedom loving American ought to be intimately concerned about the fairness in the application of both our criminal and civil laws. When our system, which is based on the law, is politicized in any way, it affects not only those against whom the action is directed, but also those who will be the next victim of such aggression when the political winds change direction.”


Ginn continued, “As a morally conservative institution, Southern Evangelical Seminary is critically concerned about the health and fairness of our legal system. However, SES is far more concerned about the erosion of the protection of religious freedom that Americans enjoy through the First Amendment to our Constitution. We ought to be alarmed when a pastor is attacked in his home by 20-30 FBI agents with weapons drawn and thereafter forcibly arrested in front of his family because he was protecting one of his children from harassment from a volunteer at an abortion facility. But we also should likewise be just as concerned when that same FBI turns a blind eye to potentially violent protesters who invaded the sidewalks and lawns of conservative justices of the U.S. Supreme Court in an attempt to intimidate them all because they correctly interpreted our Constitution in the Dobbs case as they are sworn to do.





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