Southern Evangelical Seminary President Urges Christians to Stand Firm in the Face of Religious Persecution in the Workplace

by Judge Phil Ginn

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Three out of five employed Americans believe that respectfully explaining their political or religious beliefs at work can result in negative repercussions, according to a recent report. A poll of over 3,000 Americans found that not only are the majority of workers afraid of backlash should they speak up about their beliefs, but one in four respondents personally knew “someone who has experienced negative consequences for respectfully expressing their religious and political viewpoints.”


The unfortunate result of such fear is that many religious Americans are unwilling to step out in faith and share the Gospel at their place of work. Judge Phil Ginn, president of Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES,, is urging Christians to stand steadfast in the truth in the face of such adversity in the workplace.


“In America today, those who are concerned about all of the negative reverberations towards Christians have reason to be anxious,” said Ginn. “Up until this moment, true Christianity has not seen this sort of unjust treatment, but it is now about to break on the faithful like a tsunami of devastation.


“You would almost have to be blind and deaf to not see the discrimination against conservative Christianity that is beginning to take shape in this country. Not only is this odious activity found in the breeding grounds of radical segments of our culture like critical race theory proponents, abortionists, and the increasingly fierce actions of homosexual and transgender advocates, but it is also rearing its ugly head within the confines of individuals and organizations who for no good reason call themselves ‘Christian.’


“Make no mistake — America as we have known her is disappearing before our very eyes, and we as Christ followers are oblivious to her downward spiral and ultimate demise if these nefarious actions remain unchecked. Not only is true Christianity on trial in America, but the very foundations of the freedoms upon which this nation was built are as well. For if Christianity is removed from the marketplace, our democratic way of life will also fall victim to the siege because of the utter decay of its very foundation.”

‘Not only is true Christianity on trial in America, but the very foundations of the freedoms upon which this nation was built are as well’

Ginn continued, “This national predicament in which Christianity now finds itself should not surprise us nor discourage us. At Southern Evangelical Seminary we are well aware that when Jesus walked this Earth, He warned His disciples that this world will hate us, just as it hated Him enough to crucify Him. Ironically, it was even for those who sought to take His life that He willingly laid it down for their ultimate salvation. As a result, we are compelled to call upon the true Christ’s church in America to stand in the whole armor of God. Real Christians who make up these bastions of faith and freedom must rise to the challenge now because we have no choice but to heed the mandate of Jesus Himself when He calls on us to spread the Good News of the Gospel. His words were not a suggestion but a command. It is this same Jesus who also declared in Luke 17:33, ‘Whoever seeks to preserve his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life will keep it’ — words that must be enshrined on the hearts of every real Christian in these United States. So, even if persecution is to be our lot, Southern Evangelical Seminary, with God’s help, will continue to stand steadfast in the truth. Not only that, but we will speak with clarity the Gospel message of a Savior who not only loved all of us so much that He willingly gave His life as atonement for our sins, but He also rose again in victory over the grave. Perhaps now would be a good time for you to join your voice with ours and proclaim that Jesus Christ is Lord of Lords!


“Our prayer is that our nation will once again turn its collective heart toward Jesus Christ and that God’s people will be found faithful in the face of maltreatment from the world, even if that persecution emanates from our neighbors and our nation.”





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