Southern Evangelical Seminary President Laments California’s ‘Scourge’ of Prostitutes and Traffickers in Wake of Recent Transgender Law

by Judge Phil Ginn

‘If something does not occur to abate this depravity, the vigilante violence will become so great that it will be every person and family for themselves’

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A new criminal justice reform law in California set to protect transgender women from being unfairly targeted by police has backfired tremendously, to the detriment of everyday Californians. The law, Senate Bill 357, repealed a previous law that banned loitering with the intent to engage in prostitution, and prostitutes, pimps, and human traffickers have taken to the open streets in broad daylight to garner more customers or participants. A road in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District has become lined with sex workers, prompting city officials to install barricades as residents sound off that not only do they feel less safe — especially at night — but that they are worried about the safety of the women working the streets.

“California Democrats’ policy of legalizing crime is creating more victims by the hour,” GOP Assembly leader James Gallagher said in a statement.

Judge Phil Ginn, president of Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES,, commented on California’s condoning of prostitution and sex trafficking for the sake of transgender women and prostitutes, noting that if America does not halt its descent into complete immorality, it might become too late.

“Don’t look now, but the state of California is under the scourge of another crisis,” said Ginn. “This time various cities in the state once known only for its glamour are being rattled by lascivious behavior brought on by ribald prostitution exhibited in broad daylight. Apparently, some misguided miscreant somewhere in California decided to go on an ill-fated yet fervent crusade to save the endangered transgender prostitute from going extinct in this once great state. The perception was that this imperiled species of prostitute was being singled out for punishment, so the state legislature and their king decided to repeal a long-standing law that banned ‘loitering with the intent to engage in prostitution.’

“Now as kids make their way to school, not only do they have to trip over homeless drug addicts, ‘dirty’ needles and human excrement, but their young eyes also behold prostitutes in thongs twerking at traffic in an attempt to sell whatever ‘wares’ they might have. Added to the wretchedness of this horrific situation is the reality that many of these prostitutes are underage and most assuredly many of them are under subjugation to the plague of human trafficking. As a result, the law-abiding families and children who are trapped in this post-apocalyptic collapse of civilization are now facing untold misery.”

Ginn continued, “To say the least, California has painted a very dark picture in their state that once had such promise for a bright future for its inhabitants. However, before we go too far down the path of criticism of their reasoning and governance, do not lose sight of the adage that says as California goes, so will the rest of the country in just a few years. When wanton licentiousness and satanic worship are celebrated on the Grammy Awards on national TV, can the sequel to these depraved tragic theatrics not be ready for primetime in your neighborhood as well?

“Hear me well; there is only one hope for America and our world, and that is the turning of our hearts to the God of order who created the ‘Wonderful World’ that Louis Armstrong so movingly sung about. That same creator God provided a way for our sinfulness to be pardoned through the life, substitutionary death, and resurrection of His only Son, Jesus Christ. His offer of real life now and throughout eternity is made freely to you because Jesus was willing to pay the price for your deliverance. These are the facts of the Gospel message that Southern Evangelical Seminary has been proclaiming and defending for over 30 years, and we will continue to proclaim and defend it as long as the Lord allows us to do so.

“Now, you may be one of these folks who proclaim that there must be an alternative to my ‘foolish thinking,’ and there is. In one word that alternative is violence — violence unlike anything this nation has ever seen. If something does not occur to abate this depravity, either the vigilante violence will become so great that it will be every person and family for themselves, or an autocratic government will rise to power. When that occurs, the very ones who are shoving this salacious lifestyle down our throats will be the first to give up their freedoms in order to obtain ‘protection’ from this tyrannical government who will appear at first to be a savior.

“I challenge every American to read Romans 1: 18-32 in the Bible. Our time is not limitless in this nation. Hopefully, though, it’s not too late to turn our hearts toward the truth of the Gospel.”





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