SES president claims NPR and Planned Parenthood “are on same level of profound immorality as the minions of hell”

Judge Phil Ginn aghast at NPR’s on-air abortion: ‘For the sake of America and her children, we must now take a stand for truth and morality if we are to survive as a nation’

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — On Thursday, November 3, listeners were shocked and horrified to hear the sounds of a real abortion airing on NPR. The network aired an 11-minute segment detailing the surge of pregnant women traveling to Michigan to get abortions due to the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade earlier this year. One woman consented to having her abortion aired over the radio, and listeners were stunned to hear the vacuuming sounds of the machine, the cries of pain from the woman, the attempts to soothe the woman from the Planned Parenthood staff, and other heinous noises. Listeners were told that the woman was “partially awake” and that the experience was “a lot like childbirth.”

The segment was met with outrage across the country, with many Christian conservatives calling for a cancelation of NPR for airing such explicit content. Judge Phil Ginn, president of Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES,, spoke out against the blatant disregard of morality, calling for the Church to stand firm in the fight against such straightforward sinfulness.

“By exposing human beings to events that are so egregiously evil, those acts can become so seared in their minds to the point that there is a permanent scarring of the individuals’ emotional capacity and of their human spirits as well,” Ginn commented. “The gas chambers in Auschwitz, where thousands of Jews were eradicated, and the walls of a Cambodian memorial, where human skulls collected from the killing fields of the Khmer Rouge are displayed, stand as stark reminders of governments who indiscriminately killed their own citizens. But in a much larger sense, they are also tragically indicative of basically good people who stood by in silence and watched the horror unfold while doing nothing to curb the onslaught of pure evil in their midst.

“Likewise, perhaps the senses of good people — even Christ followers — in America have been dulled to some extent from the swelling influx of hideous events that have been propagated by evil men and women in our time. Just maybe we have chosen to remain darkly quiet in the face of evil as well. Whatever the reason for our silence in response to these horrific events, the time for our recalcitrant timidity has passed. For the sake of America and her children, we must now take a stand for truth and morality if we are to survive as a nation.”

Ginn continued, “Just this week, National Public Radio proudly and defiantly aired an audio of the actual abortion of a baby that took place in Michigan and demonic presence was celebrated with all the hideousness that could be mustered. With lights dimmed and soft music being played, the atmosphere was described as much like being in a birthing room. But instead of bringing life into the world, death reigned.

“Ironically, I actually feel pity for the young woman who perhaps was also the victim of the propaganda of those demonic forces involved and thus became an accessory to the violent death of her child. She is deserving of our prayers for only she will know the self-imposed living hell of regret and shame that will be borne throughout her lifetime for the heinous act that took place.

“But as for the leaders of the State of Michigan, Planned Parenthood, and especially NPR, they are on the same level of profound immorality as the minions of hell. Lucifer, the personification of the power that destroys life, must have stood proudly in the shadows of that dimly lit room with his nostrils full of the stench of his handiwork while he gleefully listened to the agonizing sounds of a precious child coming to a dreadful end. How his black heart must have been overjoyed as even innocent ears were exposed to the unfolding reprehensible wickedness.

“Who could ever have imagined that our nation would have come to this point? How in the world did NPR think it would be a clever idea to air something so morbidly offensive? Quite frankly, I do not have the answers to these questions. But this one thing I do know: it is time for Christ followers in America to stand up with other like-minded people and demand that our tax dollars no longer be spent on devilish entities like Planned Parenthood and NPR.

Ginn concluded, “At Southern Evangelical Seminary, we believe that hell is real, but God in His mercy has provided a way for those who believe in His Son to escape its everlasting torment. Our plea to our beloved nation is to come home to the divine morality on which she was intentionally founded. Because of this, there will be no shyness on our part in calling our nation and the world to repentance because eternity is at stake. Our prayer is that we will be found steadfast in the Truth of the Gospel. In a world of choices, this is the only one true followers of Christ can make. God have mercy on us all!”

Judge Phil Ginn was appointed president of SES in April 2021 after a distinguished career as both a lawyer and a judge. Over the course of his 22-year judicial career, he was privileged to hold court in almost 50% of the county seats in North Carolina. He holds a B.A. from Appalachian State University, a J.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and a Doctor of Ministry from Southern Evangelical Seminary. Prior to his appointment as SES president, Judge Ginn served as SES Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

The mission of SES is to train men and women, based on the inerrant and infallible written Word of God, for the evangelization of the world and the defense of the historic Christian faith. SES offers a range of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degrees (along with several for-credit certificates) that uniquely integrate theology, philosophy, and apologetics to build a complete and systematic Christian worldview.





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