SES Applauds Supreme Court Decision to Overturn Roe v. Wade

by SES President Judge Phil Ginn

For conservative-minded, pro-life folks, the repeal of Roe v. Wade is welcomed news. Those of us who fit in the first category and are also in the legal field believe that the death of Roe v. Wade is long overdue because it was simply a badly and wrongly reasoned decision. Certainly, the tenor of the majority opinion in the Dobbs case reflects this thought process.

However, before we do a victory dance, we must also recognize that an ominous cloud still hangs threateningly over our nation.  Not only did the Dobbs ruling fail to abate this storm cloud, but rather it perhaps has even given rise to the need for a warning of a tornado, the magnitude of which threatens to strike even at the very core of who we are as Americans.  For all the Dobbs ruling did in overturning the Roe decision, it did not strike down the killing of innocent children and it did not make any determination that abortion is morally or legally wrong.

All that has happened is that the arena has changed, not the challenge.  Justice Alito and the majority only determined that the abortion issue should be decided in the state legislatures around the country and not in the Supreme Court.  What does this mean for those of us who are pro-life?

First, the reality of the present may be even more scary than the world of Roe.  Consider that many so-called liberal states are now poised to not only allow abortions, but also to promote abortions even potentially of those precious children who will have their lives terminated after being born. Dark money will flow into political campaigns at the state level and to media promotion of the benefits of abortion in a much greater volume than we could have imagined before now. The likes of Planned Parenthood and their minions will use their money to talk loudly and pointedly into the states favorable to abortion rights but also into conservative states as well. The abortion conundrum will become the major issue of every election in every state and county in the United States for the foreseeable future.  Not only that, but violence will spread like wildfire and will be worse than that what our nation experienced in 2020 and very little will be done by many governments to stop it. If you dare to speak up for the unborn, you will not be safe even in your home.

There is one more thing perhaps even more ominous on the horizon.  Many of us who have watched the legal proceedings closely are recalling another precarious time in our history. As the Dred Scott case deepened the America’s division over slavery, so will the Dobbs decision fan the flames of controversy over the issue of abortion.  If there was one case that set the stage for the original Civil War in America, it arguably was the Dred Scott decision.  Make no mistake– the Dobbs findings could have that same kind of impact in the charged atmosphere of today.  As a direct result of the Dobbs verdict, America is one step closer to coming apart at the seams.

I want to be clear.  Nothing that has been said here should leave anyone with the idea that I am not in favor of what the court has done in Dobbs, because I am very much in favor of the decision.  I simply fear that it may be a pyrrhic victory if we do not ready ourselves for the deluge that is to follow.  Now is not the time to relax; the war is far from over just because a battle has been won. The soul of America will soon be tested by the fires of the wicked one.  Therefore, it is time for those of us who love life and who call on the name of Jesus Christ to stand up and be counted. We must be steadfast in the truth and be ready to penetrate this dark culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As Spurgeon once said,

“If persecution should arise, you must be willing to part with all you possess, with your liberty, with your life itself for Christ, or you cannot be his disciple.” 

May God be with us as a people and a nation.

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