Judge Phil Ginn Urges Believers to Fight for Truth Against ‘Insidious Ideations of Atheistic Marxist Philosophy’

by Judge Phil Ginn

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — NBA athlete Enes Freedom startled many when he tweeted that in order to prove how ridiculous it is for biological men to play in women’s sports, he would “put on a wig, identify as a woman and start dominating the WNBA.” The bold move was to make his point clear. “Biological males don’t belong in women’s spaces. I’m talking about restrooms… I’m talking about locker rooms, I’m talking about sports pretty much,” he explained. “I’m just in shock this even is a debate. So, I was like, enough is enough, male athletes should just go out there and support that cause. No male athlete out there would do that because they’re scared of getting canceled. So you know what, I was like, I’ll be the first one.”

Enes Freedom’s bold approach is being celebrated by conservatives across the country who have had enough of the radical push to put transgender athletes in women’s sports. Judge Phil Ginn, president of Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES, www.ses.edu) commented that Freedom’s tongue-in-cheek suggestion should be the catalyst for more men and women to stand up and support common sense.

“I am, or at least I was at one point, a great fan of basketball,” said Ginn. “Unfortunately, like many other sports, the encroaching politics of radical indoctrination have ruined what once was a favorite past time of many. The NBA and WNBA have been reduced to nothing more than seething caldrons of immorality and overhyped, Hollywood-infused, individual opulence void of real-world cognizance.

“In the midst of all of this, Enes Freedom (formerly Enes Canter) balked at the onslaught of false political correctness and had the courage to call out the hypocrisy of the NBA. Though I don’t agree with Enes in many areas, I admire his willingness to expose the truth of the hypocrisy of the NBA in their full-frontal attack against basic moral values, along with the promotion of anti-American Marxist organizations under the pseudo cover of promoting human rights. Of course, all this occurred while the NBA was at the same time cozying up to the likes of vile human rights violators like Xi Jinping of China and Recep Erdogan of Turkey. What did Enes’s proclamation of the truth get him? Ostracization from the NBA and threats of arrest and death from his, and our nation’s, enemies.

“Apparently, Enes is up to bat again with his criticism of the absurdity of biological men participating in women’s sports. With tongue in cheek, he is offering to don a wig, change his name to Enisha, and join the WNBA. This caricature of the stupidity of the argument for transgender men involved in women’s sports could easily be seen when this 6’ 10”, 250-pound behemoth of a man laces up his basketball shoes against the best the WNBA has to offer. Though Enes could only be categorized as a journey man player on the men’s court, he would obviously dominate over the women (if he could just keep his wig on). Come to think of it, the sight of Enes and his wig on the court might easily increase the paltry average per game attendance of 5,700 people at WNBA games. It might even get me to tune in once in a while.”

Ginn concluded, “At Southern Evangelical Seminary, we know intuitively and rationally through natural law and the Scripture that the current math of our American culture simply does not add up. We as a nation are being hornswoggled by the insidious ideations of atheistic Marxist philosophy, and we are standing by while our children are devoured as sacrifices to this false religion of humanism. Isn’t it about time that we just stopped listening to the morass of falsehood permeating the soap opera being played out in our nation? If Enes Freedom has the courage to stand up to the falsehoods, should we not also be brave enough to at least shine the light of the Gospel into the darkness descending on our beloved nation? If you listen very closely, you may just hear the faint hum of repentance and resolve ascending in the hearts of Christians all across this nation. Southern Evangelical Seminary is planning to be at the forefront of this movement. We welcome you to join us if you will.”






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