Judge Phil Ginn: Exclusivity of Liberal Agenda Towards Conservatives Proves False Inclusivity

by Judge Phil Ginn

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — New York Times columnist David Brooks — a notable anti-Trump liberal — shocked readers across the country with his recent column and subsequent tweets about the imbalance of power in media and other “elite” institutions. Brooks noted that the “educated class,” particularly those educated by Ivy League schools, have been using self-serving strategies to maintain power and a sense of moral superiority over the middle class and conservatives. The column detailed how the “educated class” imagine themselves as the “forces of progress and enlightenment” to appease their own egos, as part of a broader tale that paints them as enlightened and Trump supporters as bigots. “Armed with all kinds of economic, cultural and political power, we support policies that help ourselves,” Brooks stated.

Brooks’ bold statements were met with resounding enthusiasm from conservatives nationwide, with many applauding the columnist for blatantly acknowledging something that many have pointed out for years. Judge Phil Ginn, president of Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES, www.ses.edu), responded to Brooks’ refreshing comments, noting that Brooks finally admitted the truth about the liberal perception of conservatives.

“No one has sought to utilize my viewpoint in any polling data as yet, but if some major research group wants to know who in America is weary of the divisiveness in our culture and in our political arena, then count me in as one of those who is really tired of all the falderal,” said Ginn. As my Oklahoma and Texas friends might say there’s are a lot of the ‘big hat, no cattle syndrome’ happening on both ends of the political spectrum.

“Some folks who are of the evangelical Christian persuasion seemingly want to make America into a theistic nation. On the other side of the coin, the secular left is working to make our nation into part of a one world Marxist, anti-God global entity. The dividing lines then become more pronounced as you move through the ideological and moral conflagrations that have arisen in the United States. The end result comes down to a nation that is torn asunder in such a way that the folks in the middle class have become almost non-existent and certainly underrepresented in the halls of government all over this land.”

Ginn continued, “Surprisingly, a member of the often-maligned fake news media has made an admission about the role of elitism in the creation of this great divide. The shocking revelation came from the pen of anti-Trump New York Times columnist David Brooks in a tweet where he admitted that he and the so-called ‘elite’ have used self-serving tactics to maintain power and a sense of moral superiority especially regarding the ‘basket of deplorables’ who express some support of former president, and now candidate, Donald Trump. A group, by which of his own admission, is one that is detested by those of his liberal tribe.

“In short, Mr. Brooks points out what many of us have been arguing all along; when you exclude people with words and actions, you cannot then turn around and be inclusive. Not only that, but you make enemies along the way by doing so. In explaining how this metamorphosis has occurred, Mr. Brooks says, ‘Over the last decades we’ve taken over whole professions and locked everybody else out.’ His column goes on to detail how the select group of self-proclaimed superior individuals have placed themselves in the autocratic position of determining that they are the ‘educated class’ and ‘imagine themselves as the forces of progress and enlightenment’ to appease their own egos. In doing so it is easy for them to envision themselves as the enlightened ones and conservatives, especially those supporting Mr. Trump, as bigots and fools. Mr. Brooks summarizes his points simply by saying that his special group is not the ‘eternal good guys — in fact we are the bad guys.’ Quite frankly, the honesty of the column is quite refreshing.

“We at Southern Evangelical Seminary recognize elitism not only in the ranks of the secular media, but perhaps in some of our churches as well. There is no need nor reason for a Christian to view his, or her, self other than as a beggar who has found the bread of life. I do not know anything about Mr. Brooks’ faith, but Christians ought to know and realize that we are no better than anyone else. Our ‘goodness’ will not create any kind of special treatment or standing before God. No, what separates us from the rest of the world is a Savior in Jesus Christ. Instead of creating a group of elitists, Christ calls on us to serve. Negative descriptions of a Christian may well be unpleasantly accurate when he, or she, is labeled with all the other deplorables in the basket of life. But make no mistake; the God that we serve has no equal, and He alone is the answer to the disastrous outcomes of both the elites and the fools. My prayer is that Mr. Brooks’ epiphany will lead him to see and recognize the real source of life now and for eternity in Christ and as the only bridge between the elites like him and the deplorables like me.”





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