In Defense of Tolerance: When Tolerance Turns To Hate-How Do We Defend The Christian Message?

kathyrn camp
Dr. Kathryn Camp is an Alumna of Southern Evangelical Seminary

Hello my name is Kathryn Camp. I am honored and excited to be speaking at both the women’s part of the National Conference on Christian Apologetics. I am a graduate of Southern Evangelical Seminary where I earned my Doctorate of Ministry in Apologetics.

Most people in the United States are in a state of culture shock. Many have been swept up in the media’s campaign for cultural change as it pertains to sexual diversity issues, tolerance, and pluralism. Everyone has been affected in some way by mixed messages touted by various organizations. Our country has not been as divided on cultural issues since the Civil War, and something needs to be done about it.

Very few people recognize the contradictions in the claims and the demands that organizations like the LGBT place on our population. Even fewer know how to engage the militant attitude of these groups that call for tolerance. These are issues that are not just problems outside of the Christian community, but they also pose an even bigger problem for the Church. Christians have always led the way on caring for others and recognizing the sacredness of human life. But now, in the names of tolerance and diversity, the Church is being pressured to change its message and mission. The assault on the American population has been nothing less than psychological warfare.

My lectures will explain not only the reality of what has happened to our culture, but also how we can begin to put things into perspective. Learn how to detect flawed reasoning and the contradictions that are aimed at silencing Christians. Our mission is always to shed light into the darkness, and we don’t have to sit silently while others have their way with our families.

Below are all the talks that I will be speaking on at this years National Conference on Christian Apologetics. I look forward to seeing you there!

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Women’s Conference:

  1. Silenced No More: How To Keep Your Children From Being Silenced Into Submission
  2. Defending The Deity of Christ Against The Muslim Claims of Prophet Only

Main Conference:

In Defense of Tolerance: When Tolerance Turns To Hate-How Do We Defend The Christian Message?





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