Honoring Our Professors for Giving Tuesday

SES is celebrating Giving Tuesday by blessing and #HonoringOurProfessors who have equipped a generation of leaders over the last twenty-eight years! This special time represents an opportunity to come alongside those who come alongside so many.

We’ve just reached $4,080 in gifts toward our goal of $10,000 for #HonoringOurProfessors with 70% of that coming from first-time givers.

100% of these funds are going directly to our professors to support them as they equip the minds of another generation of Christian thinkers and defenders.

A special group of ministry partners has pledged to match, dollar-for-dollar, up to $10,000 for gifts received for Giving Tuesday meaning your gift of any amount will DOUBLE its impact.

Will you help us reach the additional $5,920 needed with a special gift of any amount for Giving Tuesday?

Click here to give a gift of any amount in honor of a professor, and come alongside those who come alongside so many on this special day of generosity!





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