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"Do not go to SES … unless you want to know why Christianity is true."

The Apologetics-Focused Education You Need

As Dr. Frank Turek understands, in a post-Christian world, the ability to remain steadfast in the truth and penetrate the culture with the Gospel requires intentional preparation. Southern Evangelical Seminary provides an integrated approach to philosophy, theology, and apologetics that will equip you to form a complete and systematic Christian worldview. Whether you’re seeking a degree or certificate in apologetics, philosophy, biblical studies, or something else, our uniquely integrated approach forms the foundation of every SES program. This apologetics-focused education provides the necessary tools you need for effective evangelism and discipleship.

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integrated thinking

Integrated Thinking

SES uniquely integrates classical apologetics, theology, and philosophy throughout each program to equip you to proclaim & defend the Gospel

digital first


Our immersive digital campus offers robust online education with live-streaming, recordings, library access, and community


SES offers incredible value by providing first-class education and academic rigor with very low tuition and numerous financial aid/discount opportunities



SES is accredited by TRACS and offers academically challenging, yet practical, Christian education to equip you for any number of areas of ministry

CrossExamined Instructor Academy Discount


The CrossExamined Instructor Academy (CIA) is an intense three-day program where you will learn how to present I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist—which involves four main topics: Truth, God, Miracles, and the New Testament—and how to answer questions about those topics in a hostile environment. CIA graduates are eligible to receive a 25% discount on all for-credit courses. Proof of CIA completion can be uploaded during the discount application process.

Online Christian Courses Discount


An Online Christian Courses (OCC) student who earns a certificate from an approved full-length Premium OCC Certificate Course may earn three (3) credit hours at SES for Introduction to Christian Apologetics (AP501/401) by completing the additional assignments noted on our financial aid page. In addition, all OCC graduates are can receive a 10% discount on all for-credit courses. Proof of OCC course completion and assignments can be uploaded during the discount application process.

"Do not go to SES … unless you want to know why Christianity is true, and unless you want to be able to deal with the philosophical and skeptical ideas that are all over the culture. … SES does an absolutely terrible job at getting you to agree with the culture. … Don't go to SES if you want to be an average Christian who doesn't get anything done. Only go to SES if you want to be an ambassador and someone who's going to make a difference in life."

Dr. Frank Turek


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