“Captivated” by Apologetics and Passing It On

SES Real Stories #23

It started with a Sunday night Bible course on apologetics taught by Dr. Norm Geisler.

“That really captivated me.”

Christina was raising five young children at the time and working outside the home as well. When the Bible course was over, she said, “I really wanted more.” Despite a busy schedule, Christina didn’t want to miss the chance to soak up everything she could about defending her faith. She audited several courses over the years at SES.

“It served as a foundation for me to be able to feed into ministry in my community, primarily the church that I attended.”

She now owns a coaching and consulting firm in North Carolina to train and equip leaders. She also has a Bible-based foundation that disciples and nurtures leaders, particularly in the African American community.

In the past year, she’s led 30 women across the country through a one-on-one inductive Bible study. She recently taught on angels during a study of Daniel.

“Dr. Geisler modeled the importance of knowing how to discern good Biblical material and literature, and I’ve been able to pass that methodology on,” she said.

The ladies in her study are learning from people they might not have known about otherwise—some of the big names in apologetics.

“It’s given me an opportunity to open and expand their minds and their understanding to theology in a way that it may not be expressed every day in our cultural context,” she said.

She wants to help develop their worldview so they can better grasp the why behind their beliefs and see how that worldview informs nearly every other area of their lives.

It’s common today for people to leave the faith out of past hurt by the Church, and that’s what Christina has found in her own circle, too. That motivates her to not only exhibit Christ-like character but to lay the groundwork for an unwavering faith as well.

“Just about everything I do as it relates to the Gospel … it’s always some level of apologetic lens that I’m referencing.”

Looking back on all the classes she audited at SES, Christina said, “I’ve had some of the best professors.”

She still refers to content from class, and recently had a chance to share the Gospel with someone from another faith.

Now with six grown kids—two who are in Bible study with her—she says, “I’ve been able to be that beacon of light to my own family.”

She’s ministered to her siblings across the country via Zoom when they couldn’t go to church due to COVID. This year, her foundation held a virtual Christian conference for 200 women.

Christina traces so much of this rich teaching she’s able to pass on back to her time at SES.

“I will forever be indebted to the ministry goals and the life work of Dr. Norman Geisler. My life has forever been impacted and changed as a result of attending the school.”

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