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“I am put here for the defense of the Gospel”—The Legacy of Dr. Norman L. Geisler
July 23, 2019 News
“I am put here for the defense of the gospel”—The Legacy of Dr. Norman L. Geisler The death of Dr. Norman L....
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A Tribute to One of the Greatest Christian Apologists
July 18, 2019 News
Dr. Norm Geisler’s death has me reflecting on his life. I had the privilege of taking three courses with Geisler at Southern Evangelical Seminary....
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Twelve Things from Doctor Geisler for His Students
July 16, 2019 From the Faculty
Forgive me, my heart is still heavy, and my eyes still cry. I will tell my Norm stories later, but for now...
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Thanks, Dr. Geisler
July 11, 2019 News
I thought it might be fitting to eulogize Dr. Norman L. Geisler in the manner of our mutual philosophical mentor, Thomas Aquinas....
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Three Steps to Getting Jude 3 Right: What Does it Mean to “Contend for the Faith”?
July 9, 2019 From the Faculty
The epistle of Jude is often quipped by apologists of all stripes as a justification that Christians should “contend . . ....
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