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Tribute to Dr. Norman L. Geisler on the First Anniversary of His Home-going

I have had the great honor and privilege of serving as President of Southern Evangelical Seminary for seven years as of today, July 1, 2020. I can think of no better way to commemorate that seventh anniversary than by recognizing and praising the magnificent contributions to the kingdom of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, […]

How Should Christians Respond to the Tearing Down of Statues?

The barbarians are at the gate. The mobs are now loose in the centers of American cities, tearing down statues and memorials representing our history and our heritage. They started with Confederate political leaders and generals. Many of us understood from the beginning that the Confederate leaders were clearly a Trojan horse. Let me be […]

Racial Reconciliation Resolution’s Silver Anniversary

Saturday (June 20) marks the 25th anniversary of a seminal moment in the life of the Southern Baptist Convention. Messengers to the 1995 SBC Annual Meeting voted overwhelmingly to pass the “Resolution on Racial Reconciliation on the 150th Anniversary of the Southern Baptist Convention.” Every Southern Baptist I know who was privileged to be in […]

Ask Dr. Land: What do you think about George Floyd’s murder and the aftermath?

Question:  What are your thoughts on the murder of George Floyd and the aftermath, including the rioting and looting? Like almost all of my fellow countrymen, I was nauseated and repelled by the video of George Floyd being murdered in front of our very eyes by a uniformed policeman while three other policemen present failed […]

Battling a Disease More Infectious & Deadly Than COVID-19

As hundreds of thousands of people battle COVID-19 following thousands of deaths, lockdowns, and much fear, the world eagerly awaits a proven treatment plan to cure this dreaded virus. I’m sure many of you, like me, pray often for wisdom and protection for those on the frontlines battling this invisible foe. But there is another […]

Who Cares About Philosophy?

What do these questions have in common: Does God exist? Can God change? Does God know our future? How can a good God allow evil? How do humans know? What does it mean to know? What does it mean to be good? Can we objectively interpret the Bible? The answer: all of these questions are […]