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Character Matters

Character Defined Character and morality often intersect in their definitions. Even for the unbeliever, we were given a moral compass from the time of our birth. As image bearers of God, a person is able to recognize right from wrong. Though these matters have been declared more subjective over time, murder is still deemed hateful […]

The Erosion of Religious Freedom

Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal of a Missouri case where potential jurors were dismissed from hearing a trial due to their biblical beliefs on homosexuality. Justice Samuel Alito in a clear warning that this sort of discrimination poses a “danger” to religious freedom, chose to issue a five-page statement, “reluctantly” […]

Hope Matters

Hope in the Promise Throughout Scripture, we acknowledge God as a promise-keeper. What he says will happen always comes to pass in his perfect timing. Because of this truth about God’s heart, believers are drawn to extravagant hope in all circumstances. Upon sin entering the world in Genesis chapter three, God initiated hope by clothing […]

Love Matters

True Love Defined Love, in its truest form, extends beyond a mere feeling or emotion. Agape love that is uncovered and experienced through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is unflawed and unending. It does not compete with even the most meaningful connection or the longest marriage in recorded history. The love of Christ is […]

Truth Matters

The world defines truth as relative and subjective. It is customizable to one’s preferences and lifestyle. Definitive or absolute truth is considered offensive to the culture at large. The truth argument is further fueled by the platform of social media. Liking, sharing, retweeting, and posting happen with the click of a button. To promote and […]

Our Children: The Greatest Mission Field

Be assured that when the knock comes at your door, it will be unannounced, it will be warrantless, and it will come at the most inconvenient time. The social service worker will be polite, but cool and business-like. Despite your confusion, fear, and even anger, you dare not lose your poise because that will ultimately […]