Is the Marxist Onslaught a Case of History Repeating Itself?

History records that in the 1920s and 1930s, an organization emerged in Germany known as the Hitler Youth. By the time the infamous dictator came to power, the forced enrollment in the program of an entire German generation had brought them under the power of one of the most horrendous indoctrination movements ever devised by […]

Middle East Conundrum

The eyes of most Americans have been fixed on the nation of Israel since the unwarranted and brutal assault into the Gaza strip was made on October 7, 2023 by the terror group Hamas. Shortly afterward, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida posted on the platform X that “Israel has no choice but to seek the […]

The Aftermath of the Israel-Hamas Conflict

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — As the war in Israel continues, so does the fear of greater religious persecution. Security around the world has been ramped up after Hamas leadership called for a “Day of Rage” against Israelis and Jews. The most horrifying element of the attacks in Israel is the capture of Israeli citizens who were […]

Judge Phil Ginn: Exclusivity of Liberal Agenda Towards Conservatives Proves False Inclusivity

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — New York Times columnist David Brooks — a notable anti-Trump liberal — shocked readers across the country with his recent column and subsequent tweets about the imbalance of power in media and other “elite” institutions. Brooks noted that the “educated class,” particularly those educated by Ivy League schools, have been using self-serving […]

What’s the Difference Between Jesus and a Cult Leader?

I was recently teaching through the end of John Chapter 8 where Jesus is addressing the Jews for not believing His message. What if you or I were in his audience? Would we believe Jesus or think he’s just another cult leader? April 19th, 2023 marked 30 years since the Waco, Texas cult leader David […]